As explained by Rachid D. responsible for it, "the first objective of this survey is to determine the percentage of the population affected by this problem. The second

objective is to study the perception and the level of knowledge of Moroccans in relation to this subject, including the reasons for infertility, types of existing

treatments and whether they exist in Morocco, the cost, procedures and the chances of success of prescribed treatments. Third objective: to study the feedback from

people with infertility, its consequences in everyday life, the impact in terms of social pressure, the support of those around them (family, friends and colleagues,

In this regard, Prof. Omar S. notes that "Morocco will probably be one of the first countries in the region to provide real figures throughout this investigation which

will have a national impact."
It should however be noted that if WHO considers infertility as a disease, it is far from the case in Morocco, where it is not recognized as such and therefore not

supported by government and private insurance . This is a major concern, says the non-profit public benefit organization active in the fields of gynecology and

obstetrics, medicine and surgery of reproduction and whose main mission is to raise awareness of the issues Infertility and make accessible the latest scientific

"In Morocco, we still refuse to consider infertility as a real pathology when she breaks many families, couples and generates good dramas," says Prof. Nouzha Bouamoud,

stressing the need to establish a legal framework in practice PMA (Medically assisted procreation) and create a bioethics committee to avoid any slippage found in

other countries.
Thus, the National Infertility Week will be an opportunity to address these issues through different program activities (round tables, debates, exhibitions), including

those relating to the uncertainty surrounding these issues.
It should be recalled that the SMMR has six key objectives: to support continuing medical education in the fields of gynecology and reproductive medicine; organizing

scientific events at national and international level; the development of partnerships with national and international learned societies; information in the fields of

obstetrics and gynecology and infertility; participation in research and development work in the areas indicated; collaboration with associations of support and

advocacy for infertile couples.

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