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Thread: Is this true????

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    Default Is this true????

    I can't believe when i saw it in The hindu paper..

    "Doctor from Kadapa held for castrating minor"

    CHENNAI: A special team of the Crime Branch CID police late on Friday night arrested S. Naganna (75), the doctor who allegedly castrated a minor boy from Tamil Nadu at Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh last year.

    The surgeon performed the operation in his hospital at the behest of some transgenders, who had abducted the boy from Kovalam in Kancheepuram district in July 2006. He was produced in a city court and remanded to judicial custody.

    According to Superintendent of Police (CBCID) S. Mallikha, the doctor confessed to having performed many sex change operations in recent years. Dr. Naganna used to perform at least two such surgeries every year and charge about Rs.5,000 as fee for each operation. In this case, he castrated a minor without the consent of family members. He is a gold medallist from the Kurnool Medical College and Hospital, she told The Hindu on Saturday.

    Besides criminal conspiracy, the doctor has also been booked under Section 326 (Voluntarily causing grievous hurt) of the IPC.

    He is a postgraduate in surgery and worked as a Surgical Specialist at Kurnool General Hospital, said Ms. Mallikha.

    Deputy Inspector General of Police (CBCID) S.N. Seshasai said the boy, who escaped from a flesh trade centre in Pune and reached home a couple of weeks ago, was referred to a hospital for a series of medical examinations.

    It is more than a year since his private parts were forcibly removed. Preliminary tests have shown that he is suffering from some urinary complications.

    What can be done to alleviate or rather stop such situations??

    Check out in The Hindu

    The Hindu : Front Page : Doctor from Kadapa held for castrating minor

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    I watched this in TV news channels. Its an eyeopener, same like organ transplant scam that came to light a few years back. Both of them is somewhat related to chennai doctors.
    Guess making quick money will always tempt you to take short cuts. Government has its part to blame.
    Since government are not paying doctors fairly, doctors forced to have behind the scene bargains with most of the private hospitals.
    In that case, the motive changes from welfare of the patient to welfare of the institution. Whats happening is doctors are keeping a balance between the two depending on the patients affordability or not.
    This is totally absurd, as i am of opinion that every individual should be treated equally irrespective of his status or location. Health care should be available in equal measures irrespective of whether a person is living in a RURAL village or living in a metro city.

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