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Thread: How To Become A Successful Clinical Trial Investigator

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    Smile How To Become A Successful Clinical Trial Investigator

    Greetings from DNA Press!!!

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    DNA Press is pleased to present the second edition of the book “Becoming a Successful Clinical Trial Investigator”. The first edition of the book has received an overwhelming response from all stakeholders and the second edition was published in just 3 months after the first edition.

    The book is aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of new drug discovery and development process along with guidance on how to get involved in a clinical trial.

    Being the first and only book on this important topic it has fulfilled the unmet need and is of great benefit to the physicians who wants to undertake clinical research. Since the book is very useful for young physicians and researchers, its book review in your publication will help in disseminating the information to the scientific intellectual base of the country.

    As Clinical research is emerging as a powerful knowledge based industry of the current times a relevant book review will benefit your publication as well.

    Thanks and warm regards,
    c/o DNA Press
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