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    This 65-year-old male had been a heavy smoker all of his life. He developed chronic bronchitis with productive cough more than 20 years ago. He came to his doctor this time because of worsened cough and increased purulent sputum sometimes tinged with blood. He had lost weight (15 lbs) and was experiencing vague, continuous chest pain and dyspnea of recent onset (3 weeks).

    A mass was detected in the right lung hilar region by X-ray. Atypical cells were identified by cytological examination of the sputum and a bronchial lavage specimen. Bronchoscopy with biopsy showed the mass to be malignant.The patient underwent lobectomy for removal of the malignant epithelial tumor.


    • What are malignant tumors of epithelial origin called? Discuss the nomenclature of malignant tumors.
    • What are the 3 main classes of carcinogenic agents? What are the chemical carcinogens that may induce malignant tumors of the lung?
    • What are paraneoplastic syndromes? Name the ones associated with lung cancer.


    Find Details in:

    Neoplasia Quiz


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