Case Study:

A 33-year-old G3 P2 woman gives birth at 38 weeks gestation to a male infant who weighs 2270 gm. Apgar scores are 7 and 9 at 1 and 5 minutes after birth. This neonate has no external anomalies present on physical examination except that he appears somewhat disproportionate, with a head size more appropriate for gestational age than body size. The pregnancy was uncomplicated.

Which of the following conditions is most likely to account for these findings?

A Trisomy 18

B Niemann-Pick disease

C Gestational diabetes

D Congenital rubella

E Maternal tobacco use

F Cord accident

Answer / Explanation:


Smoking is the most common cause for low birth weight babies in developed nations. Such babies have more complications following birth..[/HIDE]