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Thread: 23 year-old male with staple in the eye

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    Default 23 year-old male with staple in the eye

    23 year-old male with staple in the eye

    Chief Complaint: 23 year-old male felt "something go into my eye" while using a saw

    History of Present Illness: The patient is employed at a local lumbar yard. He was cutting a large piece of old plywood with a circular saw when the blade hit one of several staples imbedded within the wood. Though he claims he was wearing a face shield, he felt something go into his left eye. The patient was seen by an outside ophthalmologist immediately after the injury and sent promptly to the University of Iowa Department of Ophthalmology for evaluation.

    Past Ocular History: No prior ocular condition, injury, or surgery.

    Past Medical History: None

    Medications: None

    Family History: Noncontributory

    Social History: Noncontributory

    Ocular Exam:
    Visual Acuity, without correction:
    o Right eye (OD)--20/15
    o Left eye (OS)--20/200 improving to 20/70 with pinhole correction
    Motility: Full, both eyes (OU)
    Intra-ocular pressure: Deferred due to suspicion of open globe
    Pupils: Dilated upon arrival. No RAPD (documented by referring ophthalmologist)
    External and anterior segment examination:
    o OD -- Normal

    o OS -- Full thickness wound in the superonasal cornea was Seidel negative. The anterior chamber was well-formed with only a few cells per high-powered field. A rent in the anterior lens capsule was seen from 9 o'clock to 12 o'clock. Lying within the substance of the still-clear lens was a thin, metallic foreign body (see Figure 1).
    Dilated fundus exam (DFE): OD -- Normal; OS -- Fair view, with no evidence of hemorrhage and no foreign body visualized in the posterior pole.

    Watch Full Details with Pictures:

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