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    Anyone knows about how it affect in marriage between 1st cousins!!
    if my mother and her mother are sisters and we both are eldest eldest children of their families.
    • my mother is the eldest child her family-my afair is with her sisters daughter who is the second child of her family
    • we both are eldest children(she s the 1st child of her family & im the 1st child of mine)
    • we both are having unrelated Fathers

    we both are having an afair now! we are searching details of this matter.. pleaese help me!!!

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    First-cousin marriage isn't a surefire recipe for congenital defects. True, marriage among close kin can increase the chance of pathological recessive genes meeting up in some unlucky individual, with dire consequences. The problem isn't cousin marriage per se, however, but rather how many such genes are floating around in the family pool. If the pool's pretty clean, the likelihood of genetic defects resulting from cousin marriage is low. A recent review says that, on average, offspring of first-cousin unions have a 2 to 3 percent greater risk of birth defects than the general population, and a little over 4 percent greater risk of early death. While those margins aren't trivial, genetic testing and counseling can minimize the danger. An argument can be made that marriages of first cousins descended from strong stock can produce exceptional children.

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