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Thread: Tinge of a lemony herb in Ayurveda

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    Default Tinge of a lemony herb in Ayurveda

    The lemony fragrance of lemongrass oil leaves the mind fresh and calm. The amber coloured ayurvedic oil finds its use in various medicines and therapies. An antibacterial and antifungal agent, lemongrass is used for medicines to heal wounds, fungi attack, skin diseases and more. Modern researches point out that lemongrass may come handy in reducing cholestrol and blood pressureand thus prevent cardiac arrest cases to a great deal.

    Being denoted as the 'Indian Melissa Oil', this extract is of great value. Like the invaluable Melissa oil (extracted by using tonnes of melissa herbs at a time), the lemongrass also exihibits antiviral properties and produces calming effect. The oil boosts the parasympathetic nervous system which is required for curing fever. The oil is mutipurposal with antiseptic, analgesic, antifungal, antimicrobial effects. Respiratory infections finds the oil as the apt medication as its antimicrobial nature prevents spreading of infection. The pscyological treatments and therapies in Ayurveda uses lemongrass oil for its antidepressant nature.Relaxation therapies find lemongrass oil as a chief reactant for its fatigue busting power. Being a power tonic, lemongrass helps to revitalise the tired cells and switch to active mode. Intestinal discomforts , ulcers and food poisoning can be cured with lemongrass oil. Muscular spasms and tramas are recoverable through constant usage.

    Apart from medicinal purposes, this oil is used in various cuisines for its flavour and fragrance. Lemongrass tea is popular as a fat cutter and helps stimulate blood circulation and glandular secretions. The oil is a major ingredient in beauty formulas.

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    good information

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