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Thread: Disease as per Ayurveda Body Type

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    Smile Disease as per Ayurveda Body Type

    Ayuveda is not just a treatment related science but it is a life style in itself.
    In Ayurveda every aspect of human life is considered. But it is difficult to give a remedy for everything & for everyone. So a specific diet, exercise, way of thinking, treatment is prescribed on the basis of ‘Prakruti.’ (Ayurveda Body Type)

    Prakruti means ‘life style.’ An indusial prakruti is decided by the dominant dosha in his body. Every person has its own prakruti; which last for life time. Nobody should try to change his prakruti.


    According to Ayurveda disease is imbalance of dosha in the body. So when a person gets diseased his dominant dosha gets initially affected.
    The type of disease a person is susceptible to thus depends on the type of his prakruti.
    For example- If a person with a vata dominant pitta prakruti; consumes excessive meat, alcohol, & stay a wake late at night then his Vata dosha initially gets affected which in turn affects the pitta dosha. As a result the person suffers from constipation, indigestion, sleepiness, etc. And if he continues such a diet he might suffer diseases like habitual constipation, skin disease, joint pain, etc. Now we will take a look on which prakruti is more prone for which disease.

    Vata prakruti- (Vata Body Type)

    Signs for these people-
    Skin- rough, dry, black in color, have minimum skin complexion.
    Hair- dry, curly.
    Body structure- thin.

    Diseases for this prakruti-

    1. constipation
    2. cracked lips
    3. early breaking of hairs
    4. Joint pain
    5. Paralysis
    6. Migraine
    7. Decrease appetite

    Pitta prakruti –(Pitta Body Type)

    1. Signs for these people-
    2. skin- hot in touch, with good complexion
    3. Hair- soft, long & thin. They drop easily.
    4. Body structure- strong & sought.

    Diseases for this prakruti-

    1. burning urination
    2. acidity
    3. bleeding piles
    4. epitaxees
    5. ulcers
    6. fever

    Kapha prakrti- (Kapha Body Type)

    1. Signs for these people-
    2. skin- soft, fair glow in color
    3. Hair- silky, strong, thick.
    4. Body structure- fatty, obese.

    Diseases for this prakruti-

    1. productive cough
    2. rhinitis
    3. obesity
    4. Diabetes
    5. skin disease
    6. asthma

    Every one should know his own prakruti. Try to take your diet, exercise & many other things; according to your prakruti. This will help to keep you healthy & wealthy.

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    Hmmm, worth a look, but I think western medicine still has the upper hand.

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