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Thread: The 2010 Vidal Drug Compendium 86th Edition

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    Default The 2010 Vidal Drug Compendium 86th Edition

    Name | Vidal.CD.2010
    Date | 20.03.2010 01:26
    Le Dictionnaire VIDAL 2010
    The 2010 VIDAL Drug Compendium
    The reference for drug information
    VIDAL Drug Compendium
    The 86th edition of the VIDAL Drug Compendium
    lists more than 5000 drugs and 4900 consumer healthcare products,
    making it an essential reference for healthcare professionals
    in their everyday practice.
    Each product monograph includes the official prescription information
    provided in the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC)
    issued by the French Health Products Safety Agency (Afssaps).
    The monographs are easy to reference using an alphabetical
    listing by search category, and provide a complete overview
    of the main features of each drug or product.
    The 6 sections of the VIDAL Drug Compendium are color-coded,
    with an additional section providing practical information.
    WHITE Section
    Alphabetical index of drug monographs.
    PINK Section
    Alphabetical index of personal care products
    divided into six categories
    (accessories, disinfection, nutrition, hygiene and cosmetics, reagents and tests, spas).
    BLUE Section
    Alphabetical index of drugs by active ingredient (INN, FAN, or common nomenclature).
    YELLOW Section
    Drug classification by pharmacotherapeutic class.
    GREEN Section
    Alphabetical directory of pharmaceutical companies and their products.
    RED Section
    Generic drug index.
    Useful information
    Afssaps information: important data concerning

    drug safety monitoring centers, risk management plans,
    national database on drug-drug interactions,
    information on pregnancy and breast-feeding, and more.
    Useful addresses and contacts.
    Put Activation_VIdal_.exe in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Vidal\VidalCD , and run it.
    At the first launch of the software don't register it, and that's all.



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    Thanks for your sharing. I think you're right. It looks very useful

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