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Thread: What is Bioinformatics?

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    Arrow What is Bioinformatics?

    What is Bioinformatics?

    Bioinformatics is the analysis of genes and proteins using the computer. In other words, Bioinformatics is the field that is currently revolutionizing all areas of biology bringing together experts from computer science, mathematics, statistics, chemistry, physics, and operation research to turn biology from a qualitative science concerned with observation, and data recording, to a high tech quantitative science able to extract knowledge from data, make quantitative predictions, etc. Bioinformatics thusthus opens a new realm of doing everything in molecular biology in silico!

    What is bioinformatics used for?

    Bioinformatics has several uses in modern day biology, and new novel methods of employing techniques from statistics, mathematics and informatics (to name
    But a few) are constantly being introduced. Some of the areas where bioinformatics tools and techniques are being used are listed below;

    Nucleotide sequence databases searching
    Protein sequence database searching
    Global and local pairwise sequence alignment
    Multiple sequence alignment
    Genome browsing and annotation
    Protein domain and motif searching and annotation
    Protein 3D structure determination
    Gene Expression analysis
    Systems Biology
    RNA structure prediction
    Gene & protein networks and interactions construction
    Drug design and drug kinetics simulations

    Why is bioinformatics important to biological research?
    Biological research today requires a different approach to biological research of two decades ago. In modern biology, everything is being conducted on a much larger scale than some time ago, and thanks to the internet, everything is (potentially) integrated. There are currently more than 700 molecular databases, each containing large volumes of biological data.
    The sheer volumes and complexity these facts translate into means that computers must be use for the efficient utilization of the resources available. It
    Will simply not be possible for a human researcher to analyze (in a reasonable amount of time) the results of a microarray experiment containing 20 000
    individual data points, much less comparing one experiment with 10 other similar experiments from around the world, each with 20 000 data points.
    Bioinformatics and bioinformatics research are constantly improving the efficacy of biological research, and with further advances in informatics, along with bioinformaticians applying the advances to biological research questions and challenges, will contribute to efficient biological experimentation in the future.
    ill contribute to efficient biological experimentation in the future.

    Who should study Bioinformatics?

    1) Biochemists & Molecular Biologists.
    2) Doctors & medical students.
    3) Pharmacologists, Virologists & Medical Virologists.
    4) Plant & Animal Biologists.
    5) Computer scientists & computer Engineers.

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    hello amal
    can u tel me some name of the colleges providing this studies..
    thank u

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    @ maddy_india... These are the universities CLICK HERE

    But I don't think the list is complete !!!!!

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