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Thread: Why does our own voice sound different ?

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    Exclamation Why does our own voice sound different ?

    Why does our own voice sound different?

    I think everyone has thought that at some point! When listening to our recorded voices played back, they always sound different to us.

    When our voice is produced, it resonates all through our head, and the sound does not come just from our mouths. Instead, the three bones in our inner ear pick up the vibrations in the head, and our brain deciphers this to decide what we sound like.Thus we hear it by AIR CONDUCTION and BONE CONDUCTION both...

    When we hear a recording of ourselves, our brain just picks up the sound, not all the vibrations that were created when the sound was recorded, and we hear how we sound to other people! That is only AIR CONDUCTION...

    Still hate te sound of your recorded voice? Don't worry, you only hate it because it sounds different.....
    Thank you GOD

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    thanks dhaval its very simple nd interesting. all my friends shok when i speak in mike. ask me is that u? is this also bcas of this reason?

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