Guys I want to discuss the new IVF technique which has been discovered.
Now IVF success rate has been increased to 80% and any aged woman can avail this IVF treatment.
This new technique is comprises of new IVF test which is used to find out the ability of woman that she is able to take this treatment or not. So there will be no chance of IVF failure. If any problem is found which indicate that she is not able for IVF treatment than she is not allowed to take this treatment.
How IVF new test works:

  1. For stimulation of egg production, hormones injection is injected into the patient.
  2. When eggs are released, they are collected from ovary.
  3. Eggs are mixed with sperms for fertilization take place.
  4. Embryos are developed.
  5. Five days embryo are used for testing. Basically embryos are made up of 100 cells. Five cells are removed for test.
  6. Levels of mitochondrial DNA are tested and embryos which is found to be perfect and viable that are selected for implantation into the woman's uterus.