Cancer 'sniffing nose' developed by Israeli researcher

18 Feb 2009, 1154 hrs IST, PTI

JERUSALEM: A nose, that can sniff cancer at an early stage, thus, leading to wide variety of treatments enhancing a patients chances of recovery has
been developed by the scientist at Israel institute of technology.

The "sniffing nose" is very close to a dog's olfactory system, a media report here said.

The artificial nose is developed on the grounds that dogs are capable of detecting cancer in earlier stages by sniffing the patient's breath and could also identify molecules created by a tumour that circulate through their blood to the lungs, and leave the body when they exhale.

Results of clinical trials of the 'artificial nose ' done on some 100 persons -- 62 cancer patients -- reveals that it is capable of efficiently and accurately distinguishing between cancer patients and healthy people and could even detect the location and nature of the tumour. The 'electronic nose' was able to distinguish between healthy and sick patients, and could also identify different types of cancer at a 92 per cent success rate, 'Ynetnews' reported.

"These findings are impressive, but initial, and must be verified in research on a larger number of patients", professor Abraham Kuten, co-researcher and director of the Rambam medical centre oncology institute, told the news portal.