'Contact lens to double as TV in 10 years'

11 Feb 2009, 0022 hrs IST, AGENCIES

What can be touted as the perfect ''futuristic'' vision, experts have claimed that televisions could be fitted into contact lenses within ten years.

The sets would be powered by the viewer's body heat, according to Ian Pearson, a so-called ''futurologist'' who has advised leading companies including BT on new technologies, reports the Telegraph.

''You will just pop it into your eye in the morning and take it out at the end of the day,'' said Pearson. He said he believed that channels could be changed by voice command or via a wave of the hand.

The whole experience might then be more immersive, according to a related report commissioned by electrical retailer Comet. While the idea may sound farfetched, it's actually rooted in technologies that are being developed. Already, glasses have been turned into private theaters.