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  1. New indication for "Thalidomide" - Multiple Myeloma
  2. Early signs of Alzheimer's disease are physical
  3. new drugs for diabetes control exenatide
  4. Aspirin in malignancy!
  5. Study Finds Differences between Blood Pressure Medicines and Newly-Diagnosed Diabetes
  6. Powerful New Blood Pressure Therapy Combining Two Leading Medications in a Single Pill
  7. Muraglitazar: A dual peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor agonist
  8. Viagra Drug May Boost Exercise Capacity in Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients
  9. Budesonide and Formoterol Combination Has Similar Safety to Separate Components: Presented at AAAAI
  10. Google Calendar for Doctors: Help Patients See Your Practice Schedule and Make Appointments
  11. Ibuprofen May Boost Chance of Heart Problems in High Risk Patients with Osteoarthritis
  12. Common Blood Test Can Help Distinguish Between Mononucleosis and Tonsillitis
  13. Baby 'name test' may spot autism
  14. World's smallest surviving baby
  15. Red wine good for nothing, say Indian doctors
  16. CDC Changes Recommendations for Gonorrhea Treatment Due to Drug Resistance
  17. Diabetics cured by stem-cell treatment
  18. New Test Helps Identify Hepatitis C Patients at High Risk of Developing Cirrhosis
  19. FDA Proposes New Warnings About Young Adults Taking Antidepressants
  20. Good News on Heart Attack and Chest Pain
  21. 'Little and large' twins survive
  22. Instant aid hope for broken limbs
  23. Estrogen Use Before 65 Linked to Reduced Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
  24. Researchers Discover Link Between Parkinson's and Narcolepsy
  25. FDA Approves Contraceptive for Continuous Use
  26. Video Game Can Help Train Medical Students To Make Effective Home Visits To Older Patients
  27. TV Food Advertising Unchanged
  28. Meta Analysis suggests link between Rosiglitazone and adverse Cardiac Events.
  29. Acanthamoeba Keratitis in Contact Lens users - CDC Health Advisory
  30. Study: Vitamins tied to prostate cancer
  31. Combination of Medicines May Be Best for Blood Pressure Control: Presented at ASH
  32. Italian Doctor Builds New, More Natural Vagina
  33. Rapid Oral HIV Test Shows Promise
  34. Active or Passive Smoking May Be Linked to Glucose Intolerance
  35. Mix of Disease Processes at Work in Brains of Most People with Dementia[Interesting]
  36. HIV infection theory challenged
  37. Diabetics at Increased Risk of Hearing Loss: Presented at ADA
  38. 'Sharp drop' in India Aids levels
  39. India records substantial decline in polio cases
  40. Efficacy and Safety of Incretin Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes
  41. Hydroxychloroquine and Risk of Diabetes in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis
  42. Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Compared With Fibrinolysis for MI in Diabetes
  43. Albuminuria and Risk of Nonvertebral Fractures
  44. BMI, Waist Circumference, and Waist-Hip Ratio on the Risk of Total and Type-Specific Stroke
  45. Tobacco Smoking and Thyroid Function
  46. Doctors Urged to Be Alert for Chikungunya Infection
  47. Robot Doc Visits Patients
  48. Chimp Study: Only Humans Are Spiteful
  49. Study Confirms No HRT Benefit for Older Women
  50. pramlinitide a new drug in diabetes control
  51. Glucose triggers brain cell death in rats after hypoglycemic coma
  52. Warfarin Better Than Aspirin at Stroke Prevention in Elderly People With Atrial Fibrillation
  53. Screening for Chlamydial Infection: Recommendation Statement
  54. Gold standard test for detecting latent TB in MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS...
  55. Virus-specific HIV drug approved
  56. National Asthma Guidelines Updated
  57. New CPR Promises Better Results by Compressing Abdomen, Not Chest
  58. Data Storage in a Petri Dish
  59. Depression Worsens Health More Than Angina, Arthritis, Asthma, Diabetes
  60. iPods Could Kill: Study
  61. Robotic Therapy Tiles: Playing Your Way to Health
  62. Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes
  63. Trio shares Nobel Prize in medicine
  64. Scientists: Appendix protects good germs
  65. Man in coma after mosquito bite
  66. AIDS- the first 20 years
  67. Vaccine-linked polio hits Nigeria
  68. Researchers identify key step bird flu virus takes to spread readily in humans
  69. Doctors discuss theories on aging brains
  70. Staph Fatalities May Exceed AIDS Deaths
  71. New cervical cancer test more accurate
  72. Bell's palsy - prednisolone beneficial?
  73. Pediatric Cough and Cold Remedies Recalled by Manufacturers
  74. Brain regions responsible for optimism located
  75. Smoking, family alcohol history alter taste buds
  76. Fears About Complications Shouldn't Drive Antibiotic Prescribing for Colds, Sore Throats, and Ear In
  77. DWI May Help Establish Prognosis in Postarrest Patients
  78. Pediatricians urge autism screening
  79. Doctors test hot sauce for pain relief
  80. Breast milk helps lungs but not if mom has asthma
  81. Report stresses link between obesity and cancer
  82. Brain stimulation sparks out-of-body experience
  83. Vitamin D Deficiency could be more common
  84. significance of bile leaks in conservative surgery for liver hydatid disease
  85. Faster heart care: How one state did it
  86. Antipsychotic Drug May Help Treat Depression
  87. Extra weight said won't raise death risk
  88. Standardizing Radiation Dose in 4D-CT Imaging Can Reduce Lung Injury
  89. Burden of Migraine May Lead to Sleep Problems and Daytime Sleepiness
  90. Outcomes of Cesarean Delivery Vary Based on Breech or Cephalic Presentations
  91. Health Experts Puzzled by Angola Disease Outbreak
  92. Vitamin D May Not Reduce Cancer Mortality
  93. Want to quite smoking?? --Good article
  94. Chronic Stroke
  95. Caffeinating Premature Babies! (NEJM)
  96. What Goes Wrong in the ADHD Brain
  97. Mini-stroke: warning that major stroke is near
  98. Quorum Sensing....
  99. The Ten Leading Causes Of Death By Broad Income Group
  100. Eat your veggies....
  101. Left brain picks desired sounds from cacophony
  102. Diabetes drug to warn of risk to heart
  103. Some bipolar patients have higher suicide risk
  104. Higher Education Delays Dementia Onset but Is Linked to More Rapid Progression
  105. Lowered BP after "no salt added" diet
  106. ENCODE - Code within the code...!!
  107. Reprogramming the Cell | Part 4: iPS - Introducing next generations
  108. Oncolytic Therapy in Cancer Management: An Emerging Approach
  109. Oral Eltrombopag - A possible answer to Platelet Transfusions
  110. Are Antimicrobial Soaps Breeding Tougher Bugs?
  111. Ultrasound Beats Blood Test for Gauging Ovarian Cancers: Study
  112. Good Night's Sleep Key to Strong Memories
  113. Fetal Heart Rate Points to Later Child Development
  114. For smokers...read this!
  115. Brain differences detected in migraine sufferers
  116. Inflammation Could Explain Why Poor, Uneducated Suffer More CVD
  117. Sleep Problems Plague the Older Set
  118. Vein clots up risk of heart attack
  119. Breakthrough opens door to organ transplants grown in lab
  120. FDA staff urge psych warnings for two flu drugs
  121. Pfizer anti-smoking drug under FDA safety review
  122. Alzheimer drugs don't delay dementia onset: study
  123. Little milk, exercise hurts kids' bones
  124. Nicotine Vaccine May Help Smokers Quit
  125. Cancer institute updates risk calculator
  126. Brain scans may reveal OCD chances
  127. Wholemeal bread may halve pancreatic cancer risk
  128. How Much Is Too Much?:Alcohol..!!!
  129. Study: CT scans raise cancer risk
  130. Study finds new drug helps cure Hepatitis C, other liver diseases
  131. Cholesterol seen tied to heart disease, not stroke
  132. Graveyard shift work linked to cancer
  133. Ebola outbreak kills 16 in Uganda
  134. DM type 2- lower heart risks by daily walk
  135. Measles deaths in Africa plunge by 91%
  136. Many gene tests a waste of money: experts
  137. Electronic Microbicide..!!
  138. New X Ray Technique Targets Terrorists And Tumours
  139. Using brain for virtual world trip.!!
  140. Cancer cells softer than healthy cells: study
  141. Rare liver transplant offers hope
  142. A 'Flower' That Delivers Disease-Killing Treatments to Mosquitoes
  143. America-No Increase in Obesity Among Adults
  144. Skin Aging Reversed in Lab Test (Technique Works in Mice, but Is It Safe for People?)
  145. Smaller babies prone to depression, study finds
  146. Study: Try honey for children's coughs
  147. Exercise may boost brain's natural antidepressant
  148. Antibiotics may not aid sinus infections
  149. Cell transplants may help heart attack victims
  150. Older brains become less coordinated: U.S. study
  151. 3 Common Drugs Trigger Most ER Visits by Seniors
  152. Sleep Habits Linked to Diabetes, Death
  153. Physical therapists prescribe Wii time
  154. How We Learn from Our Mistakes
  155. WHO says victim's dad also has bird flu
  156. Israeli study says regular mobile use increases tumour risk
  157. Lung Cancer Blood Test in the Works
  158. Oncotype DX Test for Breast Cancer
  159. A mystery about the flu may be solved
  160. Early care helps frozen shoulder
  161. Sugar & Alzheimer's: Are They Linked?
  162. Is There an Anticancer Diet?
  163. ACC and AHA Update STEMI Guidelines
  164. Body clock 'control switch' found
  165. People with Asian Ancestry Should Undergo Genetic Testing Before Using Carbamazepine
  166. Statin Linked to Increased Risk for Secondary Hemorrhagic Stroke
  167. Cholesterol busting statins also reduce blood pressure
  168. Common Infant Vaccine Recalled
  169. Why Pygmies Evolved to Be Shorter?
  170. Neurons In The Frontal Lobe May Be Responsible For Rational Decision-making
  171. Curb in Episiotomy
  172. Physical Therapy Modalities Helpful for the Family Clinician to Know
  173. Physical Activity Linked to Decrease in Mortality Risk CME/CE
  174. Kidney donation after cardiac arrest may expand donor pool
  175. Ingredient in human semen may enhance HIV infection
  176. Experimental Wearable Hemodialysis Device Shows Promise
  177. Men carry breast cancer genes, too
  178. New Cold Drugs Work, but Experts Want More Proof
  179. Pakistan reports first avian flu in humans
  180. Sperm clue to 'disease immunity'
  181. Genes 'triple' bowel cancer risk
  182. Lung cancer link to LACK OF SUN!!!
  183. Women with shorter legs may have increased risk of liver disease
  184. Even Tiny Breast Tumors May Need Aggressive Treatment
  185. Study: Timing of pills might matter
  186. Way cells store fat is uncovered
  187. Massage relieves post-surgery pain, study finds
  188. Wireless Pulmonary Artery Pressure Sensor Accurate, Convenient
  189. Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Allicin
  190. Study Shows Toxins in Marijuana Smoke
  191. High Meat Consumption Linked to Heightened Cancer Risk
  192. Cancer Docs' Bedside Manner Often Lacks Empathy
  193. Depression- try a cold shower!!!
  194. Dyslexia
  195. Sex education found to help teenagers delay sex
  196. cyberchondriac
  197. Foster care better than orphanages for kids' IQs??
  198. Risky sex returns syphilis to Europe
  199. Humour 'comes from testosterone'
  200. FDA warns of deaths from fentanyl patch
  201. Single brain cell's power shown
  202. Clue to migraine headache cause
  203. Dark chocolate 'not so healthy'
  204. Regular flu vaccine may help against H5N1: study
  205. Ultrasound fails to spot early ovarian cancer
  206. Study shows new way to fight Chagas disease
  207. Liver damage 'could be reversed'
  208. Teen Sleeping Habits Dangerous
  209. Doctors fear rickets resurgence
  210. LDL Not Always Best Predictor of Stroke Risk, Study Finds
  211. Most older adults have brain disease: study
  212. Fish oil capsules pack same omega-3 punch as fish
  213. Sunnyvale woman back from India has hard-to-treat case of TB
  214. Prenatal X-rays don't raise kids' brain tumor risk
  215. Snorting a Brain Chemical Could Replace Sleep
  216. LASIK safer procedure in long-term
  217. Men Who Smoke Prone to Impotence
  218. FDA Approves Voluven for Loss of Blood Volume Related to Surgery
  219. A Possible Blood Protein Diagnostic Test for Alzheimer Disease
  220. Does Keyboard Use Increase the Risk for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
  221. Treating Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteoporosis
  222. Hormonal Therapy After Prostatectomy May Increase Cardiovascular Death
  223. Knee Pain May Signal Lung Cancer
  224. Sleep disruptions may up diabetes risk
  225. Restless legs ups heart disease, stroke risk
  226. Doctors target germs' ability to cluster
  227. Copper, silver tested as germ wards
  228. "Swish-and-spit" test screens for cancer
  229. Urine test to detect bowel cancer
  230. Ouch! Cervical cancer shots painful
  231. Possible Parkinson's trigger identified
  232. Scientists pinpoint tumour-suppressing gene: study
  233. Graded training of little benefit in novice runners
  234. Antibiotics cut stroke risk from heart infection
  235. Million Mentally Ill in India
  236. Tanzanian Government Sanctions $20 Million For AIDS Arug
  237. GlaxoSmithKline to Supply United States with 8 Million flu vaccine, Fluarix
  238. Over Six Million HIV Infected People In South Africa- Finds A Survey
  239. Drug May Make Breathing Easier for Millions ,,
  240. Nephrotic Syndrome Linked to Risk for Venous and Arterial Thromboembolic Events
  241. Obesity
  242. Breast Is Best for Reducing Stress
  243. Scientists discover new key to flu transmission
  244. Scientists move toward helping paralysis patients
  245. Proteins found that AIDS virus preys on
  246. Patients diagnosed with dementia survive for four years
  247. Scientists Can Predict Psychotic Illness in up to 80 Percent of High-Risk Youth
  248. Glucose Sensor That Controls Glucose Metabolism Identified
  249. US Courts Say No To 'Light' Cigarettes
  250. Seven New Cholesterol Genes Discovered