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  1. The Residency Rush: How Today’s Docs Pick Their Fields_Must Read
  2. Infertility is only a phone call away_Mobile phone use cuts male Fertility(2 Articles)
  3. Cardiology... Magnesium
  4. STROKE: Remember The 1st Three Letters...
  5. ICE: In Case of Emergency, For Cell Phones
  6. rheumatic heart disease
  7. Cure for Cancer? Drug DCA
  8. Cancer in the Developing World: can we Avoid the Disaster?
  9. Treating hypertension in patients with concomitant disorders
  10. Hypothermia more helpful than harmful in cases of stroke, cardiac arrest
  11. Heart Test Shows Who Needs Implantable Defibrillators
  12. The New England Journal of Medicine
  13. Breath Odor Can Be The Key To Detecting Cancer
  14. 190 Cause of headache!!!!(189+1)
  15. Some Clinical Facts
  16. Can Google make you a better doctor?
  17. Journal search engine
  18. All journals
  19. MRSA 'superbugs'
  20. Over-the-counter drug use concern
  21. Prevention Of Post–lumbar Puncture Headaches
  22. Carotid endarterectomy
  23. Distal symmetric polyneuropathy
  24. Prediction of outcome in comatose survivors after CPR
  25. Recurrent stroke with patent foramen ovale and atrial septal aneurysm
  26. Steroids, Acyclovir, And Surgery For Bell’s Palsy (an Evidence-based Review)
  27. Use of serum prolactin in diagnosing epileptic seizures
  28. Your Pregnancy Diet Can Reduce High Blood Pressure Risk
  29. Is Basic Research Really Worth It?
  30. Western Drug Makers Expand Use Of India's Scientific Talent
  31. Fever. What is a fever? What to do about a fever?
  32. How to prevent Back pain?
  33. The Lancet May 19, 2007
  34. The Lancet - Vol. 369 - Issue 9573 - May 12, 2007
  35. Digital Library Of India
  36. Secrets for a successful malpractice defense
  37. Is an MBA worth it?
  38. 'My lungs are damaged beyond repair'
  39. Waist Risk Size
  40. Innovation prize for medical firm
  41. Are You Right Eyed Or Left Eyed?
  42. Targeted HIV Testing More Effective than CDC Mass Testing Proposal
  43. Unsafe Sex & Teens: Do Emotions Matter?
  44. Where Are We on the Quest for an Effective HIV Vaccine?
  45. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology from [B]2000 (1st issue) to Dec. 2006
  46. What is the difference between HIV-1 and HIV-2?[All about HIV]
  47. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Test
  48. Know XDR-TB
  49. Is British man the first to "recover" from HIV?
  50. article, journal of hypertension
  51. Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES)
  52. Gene linked to childhood asthma
  53. Artificial pancreas for diabetics
  54. Journal Impact factor
  55. Sudden Cardiac Death And Heavy Hearts
  56. New Treatment for Cancer Patients
  57. Pediatric Neurology Volume 36, Issue 4, Pages 209-280
  58. Fear 'makes cancer men shun help'
  59. Contributing factors in resistant hypertension
  60. What is Bioinformatics?
  61. Chronic Tension-Type Headache
  62. New rules to treat obese patients
  63. No-sex programmes 'not working'
  64. Foot-and-mouth strain identified
  65. Odd And Unusual Movement Disorders
  66. Minorities at higher risk of arthritis disability
  67. Health Tip: Before a Colonoscopy
  68. Marriage-Minded Women Focus on Men's Faces
  69. Health Tip: Treating a Blister
  70. Coloring Compound in Fruits, Veggies May Cut Colon Cancer Risk
  71. Making Gasoline from Bacteria
  72. Fastest Computer Made From DNA And Enzymes
  73. Doctor's advice may boost car seat use
  74. Scientists Create Breast Tumor Stem Cells
  75. Rabies 'could be gone in decade'
  76. Scientists Create Breast Tumor Stem Cells
  77. Go Bananas!!
  78. Diary from DR Congo's Ebola frontline
  79. real medical stories!!
  80. Algorithms To Reanimate The Heart
  81. IPods Can Help People Who Stutter
  82. Herbs "more helpful" than drugs for period pain
  83. Cool under fire? It's all in your head
  84. Oral Contraceptive Pills
  85. Emotions Run Amok in Sleep-Deprived Brains
  86. Schoolgirls to get 'cancer jab'
  87. significan of bile leaks in conservative surgery for liver hydatid disease
  88. PCNL--Percutaneous nephrolithotomy
  89. Article to a work - Urgent
  90. National Medical Library
  91. How to read a paper: Getting your bearings (deciding what the paper is about)
  92. How to read a paper: Assessing the methodological quality of published papers
  93. How to read a paper: Statistics for the non-statistician. I: Different types of data need different
  94. How to read a paper: Statistics for the non-statistician. II: "Significant" relations and their pitf
  95. People can you get me this articles - URGENT
  96. Pharmacological Management Of Major Depressive Disorder
  97. Preventing Heart Disease Before it Starts: 6 Tips
  98. Have a Migrain?? - Check This Out
  99. Depressive Disorders!! Nice article..!!
  100. AIDS vaccine seemed to increase risk
  101. Transfusion Reaction And Lung Injury:Complete Article Form Wellknown Journal
  102. Treadmill and Pharmacologic Stress Testing
  103. Growing Blood Vessels -- In Depth Doctor's Interview
  104. Talk With Your Eyes !
  105. Many Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide..!!
  106. The Generous Gift of a Glass of Milk that Ended up Paying for Medical Care...
  107. Picture of a Surgeon Holding Hands With a 21-week Old Fetus
  108. Can We Live Forever ?
  109. TAH-Total Artificial Heart..
  110. Blood Test Predicts Heart Failure ..!!
  111. CDC: New respiratory bug has killed 10
  112. How to Write a Research Paper
  113. High Body Mass Index Increases Risk of Developing Cancer
  114. Statistics in Medicine — Reporting of Subgroup Analyses in Clinical Trials
  115. Evaluating an apparent unprovoked first seizure in adults
  116. antiplatelet and hemorrhagic stroke
  117. Handwashing more useful than drugs in virus control
  118. Poverty and Stroke in India
  119. Health Highlights: Nov. 27, 2007
  120. Magnetic system could be key to surgery without scars
  121. Male circumcision reduces risk of HIV transmission from women
  122. Why shopping makes us happy
  123. Disturbed Sleep pattern??? Beware of it.!! Must read for medicos.!
  124. Virtual surgery may soon be a reality
  125. Why we Lie???????????????
  126. Cancer Cure that Worked..!!
  127. Good deeds the secret to good looks
  128. Pomegranate juice as good as Viagra
  129. Man's new enemy
  130. Holidays bring the heart attack season
  131. Bronchial Intraepithelial Neoplasia / Early Central Airways Lung Cancer: EBCPG ACCP
  132. Researchers: Human evolution speeding up
  133. IDSA update in Sporotrichosis Dec 2007
  134. The Facts and Fiction of Cloning
  135. Why Time Seems to Slow Down in Emergencies
  136. AED everyone can save a life
  137. Rapid test for chlamydia
  138. Lorenzo's Oil in ALD..!!
  139. Lincoln had cancer, doctor theorizes
  140. They Beat Cancer in Childhood ... and Then?
  141. Truly An Epidemic
  142. Lonely white cells
  143. New target for anti-malaria drugs
  144. Nurse meets kidney swap recipient
  145. Stronger drinks put many at risk
  146. Statin reduces dementia risk
  147. Bad Bug: Microbe raises stomach cancer risk
  148. Infectious Obesity
  149. NEJM journals
  150. Uganda Ebola outbreak: a survivor's tale
  151. The View from the Other Side
  152. 7 Medical Myths Even Doctors Believe
  153. Nuns leave their brains to science
  154. Biological Warfare Agents
  155. Top 10 Internal Medicine Articles of 2007
  156. Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2007
  157. Most Read Articles of 2007 by Specialty
  158. Colour Therapy
  159. Germs Lurk on Planes, Trains and Buses
  160. 10 Tips To Prevent Common Cold
  161. Breakfast Reduces Diabetes, Heart Disease
  162. Official Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics
  163. Colon Cancer Gene Traced to Arrival in United States
  164. Chronic Stress Will make You Fat
  165. Top Spots for Bacteria at Home
  166. No-Prick Blood Sugar Tests Unveiled
  167. Strengthen Memory While You Sleep
  168. Bottled Drinking Water
  169. NOCEBO Effect..!!
  170. All About Andropause..!!
  171. Women's desks 'harbour more bugs'
  172. TAKE this for Better Results in EXAMS
  173. Diabetic Men Have a Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer
  174. Cancer Suicides..!
  175. Fear Of Flying Can Be Overcome By Deep Breathing
  176. Indian Prime Minister has successful Knee Replacement Surgery
  177. Pollution Found To Impair Lung Development
  178. Nebivolol Approved in US
  179. Zolpidem May Be Effective in Improving Insomnia
  180. Mouth Rinse Can Detect Head and Neck Cancer
  181. American College of Physicians Issues Guidelines for COPD
  182. Initial Assessment Checklist
  183. How To Write A Consultation Report That Will Make The Referring Physician Sit-up And Take Notice
  184. Vietnam administers Bird flu vaccination to all birds
  185. Foot and Mouth Raises Its Ugly Head in Vietnam
  186. Colgate To Develop Anti-Cancer Toothpastes And Mouthwashes
  187. Hot spots warn of diabetic foot ulcers
  188. Columbus Carried Syphilis From New World to Europe
  189. MS Drug Tysabri Approved for Crohn's Disease
  190. U.S. to study bizarre medical condition
  191. Unfavorable drug studies don't see print: report
  192. Gene markers located for hereditary prostate cancer
  193. Medical Implants: The Inside Story
  194. FDA: Cold medicines too risky for tots
  195. Study children and cell phones, experts advise
  196. Interpreting the evidence
  197. Outcomes of Care by Hospitalists, General Internists, and Family Physicians
  198. Polydactyly: A Case Study
  199. Clinical engineers should be a part of medical equipment dept
  200. Study Identifies Bias in Favor of Publishing Positive Antidepressant Trials
  201. Modified-Release Prednisone May Be Well-Tolerated, Effective in Rheumatoid Arthritis
  202. The Dying
  203. Preoperative Biliary Drainage
  204. Aspirin - The Wonder Drug!
  205. "Ugly duckling" sign spots most malignant melanomas
  206. Are You Brain Dead? Depends on the Hospital
  207. VTE Warning for Contraceptive Patch
  208. Primary Care Management of Eating Disorders Reviewed
  209. Warfarin side effects: Watch for dangerous interactions
  210. CIHR news: U of S scientists find plant gene that affects stress resistance
  211. Role of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) in Renal Diseases
  212. Genetic mutation turns tot into a superboy
  213. Pats' Bruschi inspires stroke survivors
  214. Middle-age is truly depressing, study finds
  215. BAD people make bad students who then become bad doctors
  216. Must Read... Surviving Sepsis 2008
  217. Physician Counseling May Promote Healthier Lifestyle in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes
  218. No Link Between Androgen Levels and Risk for Prostate Cancer
  219. Pediatric ER Trips Tied to Cold Drugs
  220. MicroRNA Expression in Colon Cancer Predicts Survival and Response to Therapy
  221. Some Ordinary Flu Strains Resist Tamiflu in Study
  222. Kidney Racket Scandal in IT City Shocks India
  223. How scratching impacts on brain
  224. Mobile phones, coffee found unlikely to cause cancer
  225. Folic Acid May Prevent Preterm Birth
  226. World Needs to ENDORSE Better VTE Prevention
  227. Mercury in Vaccines Leaves Blood Fast
  228. PTEN Prevents Premature Activation of Ovarian Follicles
  229. Oral Contraceptives Provide Long-Term Protection Against Ovarian Cancer
  230. Abstinence-Plus Programs Reduce HIV Risk Behavior in Certain Youth
  231. Mild Head Injury Not a Main Driver of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Soldiers
  232. Rituximab or Abatacept May Not Increase Risk for Serious Infections in RA
  233. Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms Comparable to Smoking Withdrawal
  234. Vaccinia Persists for Weeks at Smallpox Vaccination Site
  235. Periodontal Disease Is Associated With Chronic Kidney Disease
  236. Topical NSAIDs May Help Older Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis
  237. Toxin from fish causes illness in humans
  238. Key vitamin deficiency linked to tripled risk of dementia: study
  239. Headaches and Sex: "Yes, Tonight Dear"
  240. Heavy cell phone use tied to poorer sperm quality
  241. Iatrogenic Events Common, Often Serious, in Neonates
  242. Nurse-Administered Anticipatory Guidance May Reduce ED Visits for Ear Pain in Toddlers
  243. Recovery PVCs on Exercise Test Are Prognostic
  244. Majority Have Poor Diets a Year After CHD Diagnosis
  245. Intensive Insulin Therapy May Protect Renal Function in Critically Ill Patients
  246. Some Adverse Effects of HIV Therapy Interruption Persist
  247. Efficacy of Botulinum Toxin Does Not Sag Over Time
  248. Reservoirs of Latent TB Infection Threaten TB Eradication Efforts in U.S.
  249. Gluten free diet: How to go gluten free
  250. Hypoglycemia and diabetes: How to treat low blood sugar