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  1. To beat insomnia, spend less time in bed: Study
  2. New Sign of Heart Disease: Your Neck?
  3. Dog Leash Dangers: Blindness, Amputations Blamed on Retractable Dog Leads
  4. Hospital infection control strategies for antibiotic-resistant organisms
  5. Early results favorable for 5-day radiation treatment of early stage prostate cancer
  6. Laser guns to kill mosquitoes
  7. The Other Side of Viagra!
  8. Popping pill for sex drive could leave you deaf, blind
  9. Stun guns may cause seizures
  10. 'KISS' therapy offers new hope for infertile women
  11. Medication does not appear to reduce progression of atherosclerosis
  12. Superbug complicates treatment of infections in cystic fibrosis
  13. Lung cancer: Molecular scissors determine therapy effectiveness
  14. Synthesizing the most natural of all skin creams
  15. Researchers clone key sperm-binding proteins
  16. New tumor markers determine therapy intensity
  17. Shellfish and inkjet printers may hold key to faster healing from surgeries
  18. Cancer: Another step towards medication
  19. Study finds biological clue in brain tumour development
  20. Unique nerve-stimulation device proves effective against epilepsy
  21. Strong Links Between Mothers' Diets And Health Of Their Children
  22. Unraveling The Roots Of Dyslexia
  23. New Investigational Treatment For Bladder Cancer Identified
  24. Estrogen Activates Critical Lung Genes To Improve Lung Function Following Preterm Birth
  25. Body Clock Regulates Metabolism, Study Shows
  26. Nanoscopic Probes Can Track Down And Attack Cancer Cells
  27. Scientists Closer To Understanding How To Control High Blood Sugar
  28. Lab-grown Nerves Promote Nerve Regeneration After Injury
  29. Fast Camera Shows Even Small Variations In Blood Circulation
  30. Iron Is Involved In Prion Disease-associated Neuronal Demise
  31. Influenza And Bacterial Pneumonia Make For Harmful Super-infection
  32. Red meat ups blindness risk by 50%
  33. Wet Combing Best Way to Spot Head Lice
  34. New RNA treatment can shrink cancers
  35. Bypass may be better for old people
  36. Abnormal EKG can predict death in stroke patients
  37. Cathepsin B increases apoptosis in fulminant hepatic failure
  38. A severe vomiting sickness with chronic cannabis abuse
  39. Liver cell adenoma or hepatocellular carcinoma?
  40. Right warfarin dose determined by 3 genes
  41. Cardiac arrhythmias are often accompanied by sleep-disordered breathing
  42. Acetaldehyde in alcohol -- no longer just the chemical that causes a hangover
  43. Castrate resistant prostate cancer: New therapeutic approaches
  44. Infant with 2 heads, multiple limbs dies
  45. 10% Indians have cardiac problems
  46. Maggots don’t lead to faster wound healing
  47. Progress Toward An Alzheimer's Drug That Saves Brain Cells
  48. Optima-Life Proves The Perfect Fit For Vital Jacket
  49. Experts find master gene behind many cancers
  50. Combination Of Very Low LDL And Normal Systolic Blood Pressure Attenuate Coronary Artery Disease
  51. Coenzyme Rare To Bacteria Critical To Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Survival
  52. Why Some People Shake Off The Flu In A Couple Of Days, While Others Suffer Longer, Or Die
  53. Male Circumcision Reduces Risk Of Genital Herpes And HPV Infection, But Not Syphilis
  54. New Study Suggests Rx Estrogen Delivery Through The Skin May Show Safety Benefits As Opposed To Oral
  55. Computer Simulations Help Fine-tune Laser Attack On Cancer
  56. Autism Skews Developing Brain With Synchronous Motion And Sound
  57. New link in liver cancer
  58. Study exposes need for pediatric cardiac devices
  59. Environment plays role in complex heart defect
  60. A milestone toward ending river blindness in the Western Hemisphere by 2012
  61. Intestinal parasites alter immunity in cholera patients
  62. Novel framework reconstructs neural networks with high-throughput tools
  63. After heart attack, bone marrow stem cells increase blood flow within heart
  64. Mom's infection may affect baby's heart
  65. Radio waves to curb BP, sugar
  66. No retinal stem cells in eyes
  67. Plant may produce anti-HIV gel
  68. Schizophrenia linked to diabetes
  69. Too much meat and fat ups cancer risk
  70. Dieting for 5kg can add 4yrs to face
  71. 200kg man who underwent surgery for weight-loss dies
  72. Mouth bacteria leads to heart attacks risks
  73. Blood test for critical brain injuries closer to reality
  74. Heart attacks tied to germy mouths
  75. Maternal smoking may alter the arousal process of infants, increasing their risk for SIDS
  76. Active component of marijuana has anti-cancer effects
  77. Lithium protects brain cells during cranial radiation
  78. Chronic insomnia with short sleep duration is a significant risk factor for hypertension
  79. Anemia treatment improves heart structure and quality of life in kidney disease patients
  80. A hot solution to bean sprout safety
  81. A new test for a deadly fungal infection in patients with damaged immune systems
  82. Young vegetarians may have healthier diets but could be at risk for disordered eating behaviors
  83. Light reveals breast tumor oxygen status
  84. Study: White wine can make tooth stains darker
  85. Balancing hormones may help prevent preterm births
  86. 'Polypill' No Heart Risk Magic Bullet for Now
  87. Biologists Discover A Protein Link To Wound Healing
  88. Mutated Gene In Zebrafish Sheds Light On Blindness In Humans
  89. Three-drug Chemotherapy Combination Increases Organ Preservation In Patients With Larynx Cancer
  90. Relief from itch seen in nerves; may aid treatment
  91. Obesity raises risk of restless legs syndrome
  92. Talk therapy help depression after heart surgery
  93. Human ES cells progress slowly in myelin's direction
  94. 7 severed fingers reattached through microsurgery
  95. Pediatricians adopt new term for shaken baby abuse
  96. Grab a Tool and Change Your Brain
  97. Ease of Mind: The new cannula!
  98. Diet myths exposed
  99. Roughage not so good for bowels after all?!
  100. You are who you eat with - The social side of obesity
  101. Novel Influenza A (H1N1) Timeline
  102. Survey of Clinical Research Training Institutes in India
  103. The history and future of birth control
  104. Flibanserin promoted sexual desire and increased the number of "satisfying sexual events" in women
  105. aneurysmal bone cyst of ethmoid
  106. The Essentials of Assessing the Sexual Concerns of Your Female Patients
  107. Manipal University Anatomy Museum
  108. CRO/ Clinical Research evolve to a new Level
  109. The Unilateral Spatial Neglect Phenomenon in Patients with Arteriovenous Malformations of Deep Brain
  110. Waste Management sees dollar signs in our organic waste
  111. Subjective memory problems : free full-text BMJ article PDF with references and tables
  112. Free Access for Indians on Cochrane
  113. RDW in the Diagnosis of Iron Deficiency Anemia
  114. Diaphragmatic Pacing
  115. Writing a Case Report Abstract
  116. How to access Journals online[BMJ, or JAMA or NEJM] free for medical student
  117. Moms' pre-pregnancy weight impacts risk of dying decades later
  118. Skin cancer risk linked with grapefruit and orange juice
  119. Organ donation after cardiac death a timely help
  120. Sudden cardiac arrest
  121. Tests to See if You Are Having A Heart Attack
  122. Why you should avoid cold beverages when u are ill or while sore throat
  123. Facts of cold
  124. How to Manage Muscle Pain in Patients on Statins
  125. Dengue - Important information
  126. Patient Feedback of Lupron
  127. “smart” dressing warns doctors of wound infection
  128. Deep Vein Thrombosis