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  1. NC State study finds genes important to sleep
  2. Genetic Mutations Linked to Deadly Brain Cancer
  3. Visual, ocular problems in mentally challenged children
  4. Enhanced skin cancer risk linked to cell defects
  5. Death toll 43 as govt begins vaccination in Modasa
  6. Mumbai gets Heart Helpline 126 126
  7. HIV rates among gay, bisexual men growing in Asia
  8. Brain injury raises epilepsy risk for years: Study
  9. Steroids ineffective in young children with wheeze
  10. Brain injury raises epilepsy risk for years: Study
  11. Patient knowledge of health information influences cancer treatment
  12. Take 2: What protein and where it is located are important for drug design
  13. JCI table of contents: Feb. 23, 2009
  14. Patients are untapped resource for improving care, study finds
  15. Immune system 'atlas' will speed detection of kidney transplant
  16. Calcium associated with lower risk of cancer in women
  17. Male infertility associated with testicular cancer
  18. Babies born during high pollen and mold seasons have greater odds of wheezing by age 2
  19. First Step Towards A World Reclassification Of Viruses
  20. Technique Tricks Bacteria Into Generating Their Own Vaccine
  21. Working On A Vaccine for the Plague
  22. Some Injuries Too Much Even for Doctors to Handle Alone
  23. Transcendental Meditation buffers students against college stress: Study
  24. Waiting for biopsy results may adversely affect health
  25. Sexual lyrics in popular songs linked to early sexual experiences
  26. Mount Sinai first in US to implant FDA-cleared ring for mitral valve repair
  27. Children with hypertension have trouble with thinking, memory
  28. Heart patients with pacemakers can now undergo MRI
  29. People who fear heights overrate distances
  30. Happy or sad? Single gene controls mood
  31. For teens, obesity as bad as chain smoking
  32. Diets that reduce calories lead to weight loss, regardless of carbohydrate, protein or fat content
  33. New cause of critical illness hypeglycemia identified
  34. Addiction: Insights from Parkinson's disease
  35. Drug to help alcoholics stay sober: Study
  36. 'Dark Cells' Of Living Retina Imaged For The First Time
  37. Muscular Dystrophy Mystery Solved; Scientist Moves Closer To MD Solution
  38. Indoor Air Pollution Increases Asthma Symptoms, Study Suggests
  39. Diabetes: Increasing Understanding Of How To Control Islet Cell Growth
  40. Sophisticated Molecule Plays Role In Fertility, Blood Pressure, Digestion, Mental Health
  41. Widespread Stress Found Among Veterinarians
  42. Modern lifestyle habits help prevent tooth decay
  43. China facing burden from chronic diseases
  44. Experts say new drugs needed to fight flu pandemic
  45. Bacteria offers insight into health
  46. Immoral behaviour really in 'bad taste'
  47. Milestone achieved toward production of malaria treatment using synthetic biology and fermentation
  48. Plastic and reconstructive surgery ... in brief
  49. Newly discovered gene plays vital role in cancer
  50. Athens, Ga. – A new University of Georgia study suggests that health agencies investigating Salmonel
  51. HIV Adapts to ‘Escape’ Immune Response
  52. Antibiotic Combination Defeats Extensively Drug-resistant TB
  53. Medicines From The Sea
  54. HIV, AIDS pose serious risk to South Asia: World Bank
  55. FDA Orders Warning About Abnormal Movements Linked to Drugs Containing Metoclopramide
  56. Motor neurone disease 'gene clue'
  57. Screening For Vision Loss, Diabetic Retinopathy And Age-related Macular Degeneration, In The Blink O
  58. Oral Microbiome: Spit Reveals A Lot About What Lives In Your Mouth
  59. How Inflammatory Disease Causes Fatigue
  60. HIV Is Evolving To Evade Human Immune Responses
  61. Protein Found Linking Stress And Depression
  62. Stroke Patients Who Reach Hospitals Within 'Golden Hour' Twice As Likely To Get Clot-busting Drug
  63. Case Report Of A Brain And Spinal Tumor Following Human Fetal Stem Cell Therapy
  64. Immune System 'Atlas' Will Speed Detection Of Kidney Transplant
  65. Type Of Rheumatoid Arthritis Medication May Be Associated With Increased Risk For Shingles
  66. Old Toenails Show Level Of Environmental Exposure To Arsenic
  67. Slowing Aging: Anti-aging Pathway Enhances Cell Stress Response
  68. How Do Patients Diagnosed With Schizophrenia Communicate?
  69. 'Wireless' Activation Of Brain Circuits
  70. Origin of Life On Earth: Scientists Unlock Mystery Of Molecular Machine
  71. How One And The Same Nerve Cell Reacts To Two Visual Areas In Flies
  72. Oral Microbiome: Spit Reveals A Lot About What Lives In Your Mouth
  73. Drink for Your Heart but Abstain for Cancer?
  74. Baldness Med to Beat Cancer? Eight Drug Alter-Egos
  75. Milk could prevent Alzheimer's
  76. Patients with GI bleeding admitted on the weekend have higher death rate
  77. Dog bites a particular threat to young children, especially as temperatures rise
  78. School-based intervention is a promising model for improving adolescent sleep habits
  79. Underlying sleep problem linked to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children
  80. Vegetable-based drug could inhibit melanoma
  81. Childhood sleep problems persisting through adolescence may affect cognitive abilities
  82. Alcohol types and socioeconomic status are associated with Barrett's esophagus risk
  83. Long-term use of nutrient supplements ‘ups cancer risk’
  84. Scientists Shed Light On How Proteins Find Their 3-D Shapes
  85. Unhappy kids 'more likely to have poor health later in life'
  86. TV may not affect kids
  87. Upper extremity improvements in chronic stroke
  88. New clues about mitochondrial 'growth spurts'
  89. Drinking wine lowers risk of Barrett's esophagus, precursor to nation's fastest growing cancer
  90. More than 20 percent of sexual assaults drug-facilitated
  91. Educational materials for new mothers may prevent shaken baby syndrome, CMAJ study shows
  92. Adolescents are undertreated for addiction
  93. Study documents increasing prevalence of influenza A resistance to drug oseltamivir
  94. Drug-resistant influenza A virus potentially serious to high-risk patients
  95. Classifying concussions could help kids
  96. Water method for unsedated colonoscopy; interval between prep and colonoscopy predicts prep quality
  97. Evidence appears to show how and where frontal lobe works
  98. Airborne asthma allergens
  99. Names turn preschoolers into vegetable lovers
  100. Help for children with sick hearts
  101. Pooches beat cancer with transplants
  102. Aching Back? Cholesterol Medication Might Help
  103. New Prognostic Indicator For Patients With Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
  104. Naturally Produced Estrogen May Protect Women From Parkinson's Disease
  105. Protein-rich pea hybrid developed
  106. Drugs that act on 'fasting signal' may curb insulin resistance in obese
  107. Missing link between fructose, insulin resistance found
  108. Salk scientists detect molecular obesity link to insulin resistance, type II diabetes
  109. Cyclists 'at osteoporosis risk'
  110. Veggie names leave preschoolers wanting more
  111. HIV-positive above 50s high: WHO
  112. Optical techniques for pancreatic cancer
  113. Severe migraines double stroke, heart attack risk
  114. Viagra rival from rotten eggs?
  115. Web symphony goes from virtual to real
  116. 'Undesirable' evolution can be reversed in fish, Stony Brook University scientists show
  117. News tips from the Journal of Neuroscience
  118. What drives brain changes in macular degeneration?
  119. Obesity linked to hormone imbalance that impacts sexual quality of life
  120. New research in AJN shows link between nurse's criminal history and professional misconduct
  121. New And Unexpected Mechanism Identified How The Brain Responds To Stress
  122. Long-Term Use Of Nutrient Supplements May Increase Cancer Risk
  123. New Study Shows Long-term Dangers Of Severe Concussions
  124. Common Marine Sponges May Provide Super-antibiotics Of The Future
  125. One Drug May Help People Both Lay Down The Drink And Put Out The Cigarette
  126. MRI and PET/CT Improve Chances for Optimal Treatment and Minimal Complications in Cervical Cancer Pa
  127. Computer-Aided System Effectively Detects and Measures Pneumothoraces in Chest Trauma Patients
  128. Sonohysterography is an Alternative Diagnostic Tool for Women with Adenomyosis Suffering from Dysmen
  129. Obsessive symptoms in childhood can multiply the probabilities of an obsessive compulsive disorder
  130. Hazardous conditions in the home health-care setting may put frail and elderly at risk
  131. Doc claims cloning three human babies
  132. A cheap ingredient to protect AIDS
  133. More than 4,000 killed by cholera in Zimbabwe: PM
  134. New Cme Guidelines Advise Paradigm Shift In Physician Education
  135. Drug blocks 2 of world's deadliest emerging viruses
  136. Pulmonary hypertension in children may result from reduced activity of gene regulator
  137. What Is COPD? What Is Emphysema? What Is Chronic Obstructive Bronchitis?
  138. Schizophrenia Could Be Caused By Faulty Signaling In Brain
  139. Science News Share Blog Cite Print Email BookmarkExperimental Vaccine Protects Animals F
  140. As Obesity Epidemic Spreads, More Patients Feel It In Their Bones And Joints
  141. Heart Hazards Of Woeful Wives
  142. Cochlear Implant Surgery Is Safe For The Elderly, Study Suggests
  143. Artificial Disc Replacement As Good Or Better Than Spinal Fusion Surgery, Study Suggests
  144. Aneurysms Don't Occur Earlier In Second Generation
  145. Visual Cues Help People Understand Spoken Words
  146. Children With Hypertension Have Trouble With Thinking, Memory
  147. Docs Say Keep Mum but Some Patients Want to Tell All
  148. 'Pig Brain Mist' Disease Mystery Concludes
  149. Skin Patches May Be Risky During MRI
  150. False amino acid limits heart's strength
  151. Coming soon: A vaccine for diabetes
  152. Sugar overdose can accelerate ageing
  153. Blood test predicts chance of dementia
  154. Love handles put the squeeze on lungs
  155. Less costly, more accessible and as effective: Simplified treatment for sleep apnea
  156. UConn chemists find secret to increasing luminescence efficiency of carbon nanotubes
  157. Brain tumors: New therapy surprisingly successful
  158. Tools for more accurate dosage of drugs against HIV/AIDS and malaria
  159. Children seriously affected when a parent suffers from depression
  160. New edition of the Tobacco Atlas catalogues catastrophic toll of tobacco worldwide
  161. Molecule tracking reveals mechanism of chromosome separation in dividing cells
  162. Synthetic Biology Can Help Extend Anti-Malaria Drug Effectiveness
  163. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching: Mechanisms and Clinical Implications
  164. The Role of the Sensorimotor System in the Athletic Shoulder
  165. Chronic Shoulder Pain
  166. US ban on stem cells research lifted
  167. Health going hi-tech? Now, camera pills for surgeons
  168. Children step forward in care of parents
  169. New therapy successful in brain tumours
  170. Inappropriate Drug Prescriptions Wasting Millions, Raising Health Risks
  171. Less Costly, More Accessible And As Effective: Simplified Treatment For Sleep Apnea
  172. 7 Steps To Successful Child And Adolescent Weight Loss
  173. New Specialty To Focus On Advanced Heart Failure And Heart Transplantation
  174. Hyperoxic helium improves symptoms, exercise capacity in COPD
  175. Psoriasis patients risk heart disease, diabetes
  176. Enhancing genitals is latest cosmetic surgery trend
  177. Laser therapy combo effectively clears acne, reduces oil production
  178. Strengthening interventions increase strength & improve activity after stroke
  179. Strengthening to Promote Functional Recovery Poststroke
  180. Muscle Strength And Muscle Training After Stroke
  181. Weakness and strength training in persons with poststroke hemiplegia
  182. Big Waist Size Linked To Decreased Lung Function
  183. Younger Breast Cancer Patients Have Greater Chance Of Recurrence, Especially After Certain Treatment
  184. Sudden Collapse Of Healthy Athletes May Be Due To Hereditary Cardiac Disease
  185. Daytime Sleepiness Provides Red Flag For Cardiovascular Disease
  186. 'Children born to older fathers are less intelligent'
  187. Freezing prostate cancer does a man's body good
  188. Freezing kidney cancer: Hot treatment should be new gold standard for destroying small tumors
  189. Oh, my aching back: Give me a shot of ozone
  190. For old or young dialysis patients, AV fistulas remain pure gold
  191. Red wine vs. white? It makes no difference when it comes to breast-cancer risk
  192. New staging technique might save bladders in some bladder cancer patients
  193. DNA differences may influence risk of Hodgkin disease
  194. Mutation of BRCA gene influences women's views of preventive mastectomy
  195. Women with BRCA mutation, or worry, most likely to undergo prophylactic mastectomy
  196. Ecstasy could help patients with post-traumatic stress disorder
  197. Peer-to-peer heart monitoring
  198. Hebrew University scientist develop technique for eliminating reblockage of arteries
  199. New published study demonstrates over-the-counter device lowers blood pressure in diabetic patients
  200. Helium helps lung patients breathe easier
  201. TB Breakthrough Could Lead to Stronger Vaccine
  202. Obama to lift stem cell restrictions
  203. Ecstasy helps bury painful memories after trauma
  204. Teens who eat with family are healthier
  205. Interventional treatment can be recommended as first-line treatment for 'silent killer'
  206. Promising 3-year data: Saving limbs with drug-eluting stents
  207. 'Seeing' stem cells helps in fight against peripheral arterial disease
  208. Simple test helps predict heart attack risk
  209. Motivational readiness for alcohol/drug treatment is more about self-evaluation than consequences
  210. Systematic estimation of breast cancer risk appears justified in postmenopausal women
  211. Study methods influence estimates of lead time and overdiagnosis in prostate cancer
  212. Seaweed and fireflies brew may guide stem cell treatment for peripheral artery disease
  213. Diagnostic errors: The new focus of patient safety experts
  214. Inadequacy of current guidelines for sexually transmitted infections
  215. Severe Headaches Associated With Higher Temperatures, Lower Barometric Pressures
  216. Breath Or Urine Analysis May Detect Cancer, Diabetes
  217. Woman has brain surgery to fight flab
  218. Woman 'Advised' to Chew Toffees to Curb Noisy Lovemaking!
  219. Fear of Physician Abandonment Affects Terminally Ill Patients
  220. Promising New Treatment For Obesity Through Gene Therapy
  221. Drugs To Delay Preterm Labor Harmful For Both Mother And Child
  222. Steer Clear of Urinary Tract Infections With - Cranberries!
  223. Higher metabolism does not imply early death
  224. Iron induces death in tumor cells
  225. An end to fear
  226. Multiple Sclerosis In Children
  227. Simple test to spot heart risks
  228. Too little sleep may raise diabetes risk: US study
  229. Bacteria-killing Enzyme Cures Mice With Fatal Pneumonia
  230. Salt Might Be 'Nature's Antidepressant'
  231. Cancer spread is linked to dietary restriction
  232. 'Better drugs encouraging AIDS complacency'
  233. A new measure for the malignancy of melanoma
  234. Patients who gave up smoking before surgery had half as many complications afterwards
  235. What Drives Brain Changes In Macular Degeneration?
  236. Gene Therapy Shows Early Promise For Treating Obesity
  237. Spotless Mind? Fear Memories In Humans Weakened With Beta-blocker Propranolol
  238. Epilepsy in the elderly
  239. Medtronic raises deaths due to wires
  240. Carcinogens in kids' bath products
  241. First successful transvaginal nephrectomy
  242. Protein Helps Immune Cells To Divide And Conquer
  243. Rearrangements Of Multifunctional Genes Cause Cancer In Children And Young People
  244. New Therapy Protects Lungs From Runaway Inflammation
  245. Freezing Kidney Cancer: Hot Treatment Should Be New Gold Standard For Destroying Small Tumors
  246. Metabolic And Neurological Disorders May Share Common Risk Factors
  247. Molecular 'Two-Step' Leading To Protein Clumps Of Huntington's Disease
  248. Therapeutic path for Down's syndrome
  249. A bit of booze is best for your bones
  250. Now, CyberKnife technology to treat cancer in India