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  1. Computerised aids for aphasics
  2. Bipolar Disorder Linked To Risk Of Early Death From Natural Causes
  3. Sociability Traced To Particular Region Of Brain
  4. The Trunk Impairment Scale
  5. Hip fractures triple elderly women's chances of dying
  6. Scientists narrow search for genes associated with the ability to 'see' sounds
  7. Scientists propose new direction in the search for genetic causes of schizophrenia
  8. Single factor converts adult stem cells into embryonic-like stem cells
  9. 'Sister' factors promote survival of blood-system stem cells
  10. Alcohol adverts attract the young
  11. Silencing of jumping genes in pollen
  12. Heart failure linked to cognitive impairment
  13. New Class Of Non-protein Coding Genes In Mammals With Key Functions Uncovered
  14. Cardiac Imaging Method May Expose Patients To High Radiation Dose
  15. The Effectiveness of the Bobath Concept in Stroke Rehabilitation: What is the Evidence?
  16. Spasticity Assessment: A Review
  17. Relief for hysterectomy patients
  18. Efficacy of stents is improved when their placement is determined by arterial blood flow measurement
  19. Teen brains still budding
  20. 7 Year-Old Boy Is Youngest Case Of Suicide Attempt
  21. Potential Preventative Treatment For Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease
  22. Single Factor Converts Adult Stem Cells Into Embryonic-Like Stem Cells
  23. Scientists Propose New Direction In The Search For Genetic Causes Of Schizophrenia
  24. Cognitive Training Can Alter The Biochemistry Of The Brain
  25. Study Sheds New Light On Role Of Vitamin D In MS
  26. 'Nonsense' In Our Genes: One In 200 Human Genes Superfluous?
  27. Seeing Sounds Or Hearing Colors: Scientists Narrow Search For Genes Associated With Synesthesia
  28. Education May Not Affect How Fast You Will Lose Your Memory
  29. Zen Meditation Alleviates Pain, Study Finds
  30. Human DNA Repair Process Recorded In Action
  31. Article Required
  32. Now, an international observatory to improve global mental health
  33. TB bacterium holds secret to how life's 'gene switches' work
  34. Nano-probes to track how antibiotics work against bacteria
  35. New Strategy To Combat Cancer: Streamlining Blood Vessel Walls
  36. Efficacy Of Stents Is Improved When Their Placement Is Determined By Arterial Blood Flow Measurement
  37. Pilot Mistakes Blamed for Medical Chopper Crashes
  38. Diabetes and Anti-Cholesterol Agents Top Outpatient Drug Expenditures
  39. Robotic Hysterectomy Shows Advantages over Open Surgery
  40. Goa govt to supply free insulin to chronic diabetics
  41. Heart Failure Linked To Cognitive Impairment
  42. Microcoils Help Locate Small Lung Nodules
  43. Gut Bacteria Can Manufacture Defenses Against Cancer And Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  44. Losing Weight Can Cure Obstructive Sleep Apnea In Overweight Patients, Study Shows
  45. Gut Feelings May Actually Reflect Reliable Memories
  46. Genetic Study Shows Direct Link Between Vitamin D And MS Susceptibility 'Gene'
  47. Statin Therapy Ineffective In Breast Cancer Prevention, Animal Study Suggests
  48. Role Of Climate Change In Disease Spread Examined
  49. How Electronic Medical Records Can Be Used To Test Drug Efficacy
  50. Radiofrequency Treatment Better Than Ethanol Injection For Small Liver Tumors, Study Suggests
  51. UK's stroke awareness campaign aims to halve deaths
  52. New cure for prostate cancer
  53. Stroke therapy window might be extended past nine hours for some
  54. Tailor-made Recombinant Proteins in Mammals
  55. Smoking grass may double testicular cancer risk
  56. New Technique Images Tumor Vessel Leakiness To Predict Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Outcome
  57. Genetic Change Prevents Cell Death In Mouse Model Of Parkinson's Disease
  58. Newer Medication May Offer Advantages Over Agents Often Used For Sedation In ICU
  59. Exercise Improves Leg Pain Caused By Arterial Disease
  60. Neurobiological Mechanisms In Major Depressive Disorder
  61. Inflammation Directly Linked To Colon Cancer; Potential New Drug Targets Revealed
  62. Action for children hit by AIDS
  63. Happy hospitals for happy patients
  64. Stub it: Pets make quitting easier
  65. 'Kiss of life' cuts chances of survival
  66. New technique to read people's minds
  67. Most coordinated care programs for Medicare beneficiaries do not show benefit
  68. Program for kidney disease patients effective for reducing serum phosphorus levels
  69. Can't judge food by its label
  70. For Patients With Cirrhosis, Inflammation May Be Common Thread Behind
  71. Study reveals high level of adverse drug reactions in hospitals
  72. Possible Treatment For Neurological Disorder Rett Syndrome -- Most Common Basis Of Autism In Girls
  73. Inflammation In Colon May Get Doused Before Fueling Cancer Development
  74. Use of popular inhalers increases pneumonia risk
  75. Romance blooms at the office: US survey
  76. Urine test for prostate cancer clears hurdle
  77. Brain-training games 'do more harm than good'
  78. Article Request
  79. Avoid scannings of healthy hearts
  80. Sleeping brain is still hard at work: Mechanisms for consolidation of cortical plasticity
  81. Healthy people with high urinary protein levels have elevated kidney disease risk
  82. Cell injections accelerate fracture healing
  83. Innovative method to starve tumors
  84. UNC study hints at new approaches to prevent transplant rejection
  85. Higher blood sugar levels linked to lower brain function in diabetics, study shows
  86. MIT project uses personal digital assistants to track TB data
  87. Investigational study of ustekinumab in the treatment of psoriatic arthritis published
  88. Read My Lips: Using Multiple Senses in Speech Perception
  89. Noninvasive Screening Test May Detect Narrowing in Intracranial Stents According to Study by Rush Un
  90. Decoding Funny Faces To Detect Mental Illness
  91. Leukemia Stem Cells Have More In Common With Embryonic Stem Cells Than Adult Stem Cells
  92. High Level Of Adverse Drug Reactions In Hospitals Found
  93. New Clues To Pancreatic Cells' Destruction In Diabetes
  94. New Book Written By Anesthesiologist - Before The Scalpel: What Everyone Should Know About Anesthesi
  95. Low Cholesterol, Depression Linked To Early Death
  96. More and more seek pleasure in pain
  97. 'South Asians prone to diabetes'
  98. New lab evidence suggests preventive effect of herbal supplement in prostate cancer
  99. Stem cells: Deathly awakening by interferon
  100. Sexual health promotion is low among people with serious mental illnesses, despite higher risk
  101. Nanoparticle "Smart Bomb" Targets Drug Delivery to Cancer Cells
  102. Chronic Asthma: Study Reveals Long-Lasting Airway Blockages, Even In Medicated Asthma Patients
  103. New test for metabolic diseases
  104. Gene duplication led to evolution
  105. Stem cells work magic on man with AIDS
  106. Sweet! Cotton candy may help grow tissue
  107. Brain's love circuit identified
  108. Plaster cast better for sprains
  109. Stem Cells From Skin Cells Can Make Beating Heart Muscle Cells
  110. Marijuana Use Linked To Increased Risk Of Testicular Cancer
  111. First-time Mothers At Greater Risk Of Psychosis In Month Following Childbirth
  112. True Or False? How Our Brain Processes Negative Statements
  113. Two Genes Influence Social Behavior, Visual-spatial Performance In People With Williams Syndrome
  114. Novel Benefits Of Fatty Acids In Arteries Shown
  115. Findings raise new questions about evolution of hormones in mammals
  116. Diamond's latest results mark the first step towards a world reclassification of viruses
  117. X-ray eyes bring us closer to early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease
  118. UK leading the way in corneal research
  119. Unrelated and mismatched cord blood transplantation can still help children with deadly conditions
  120. Nanoscopic changes to pancreatic cells reveal cancer
  121. Engineers create intelligent molecules that seek-and-destroy diseased cells
  122. Periodontitis and myocardial infarction: A shared genetic predisposition
  123. Tiny details in three dimensions 13.02.2009
  124. Following peanut product recall, six in ten Americans taking steps to reduce risk of sickness
  125. Device aims to decrease wait period for patients needing immunotherapy
  126. Stronger Effort Needed to Prevent Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Problems
  127. Influenza Linked to Absolute Humidity
  128. Anti-HIV gel shows 'signs of success'
  129. Science of the smooch is chemistry
  130. Now, detect 23 illicit drugs in saliva
  131. GlaxoSmithKline vows cheap medicine for the poor
  132. Zimbabwe's cholera outbreak still not under control: WHO
  133. 'India, China to top dementia cases by 2020'
  134. Diabetics Should Take Extra Precautions Against Kidney Damage
  135. Required Online Course Provides Diabetes Education, Tools To Fight Obesity
  136. New Surgical Option For Wrist Arthritis
  137. Deciphering The Body's Healing Secrets
  138. Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection (Extended Vs Standard) And Prostate Cancer
  139. Radioimmunotherapy: Promising treatment for HIV infection and viral cancers
  140. Study finds that using wakefulness tests to detect daytime sleepiness in drivers may be unreliable
  141. Researchers shed new light on connection between brain and loneliness
  142. A Satisfying Sex Life Eludes Around Two In Three Men
  143. 'On-Off Switches' In Genomes Pinpointed In Next Gen Sequencing Technology
  144. Autologous osteoblast injection hastens fracture healing
  145. Cast better than bandage for bad ankle sprain
  146. Genetic 'hotspot' for breast cancer risk
  147. Common gene variants increase risk of hypertension, may lead to new therapies
  148. Sponge’s secret weapon restores antibiotics’ power
  149. Bullies' brains empathize, but with a twist
  150. Beta-blockers erase emotion of fearful memories
  151. Tailor-made Recombinant Proteins In Mammals
  152. Pre-verbal Number Sense Common To Monkeys, Babies, College Kids
  153. ‘Wake Up’ To Health Risks Of Heavy Snoring
  154. It's Hard Work That Fosters Responsibility In Teen Programs
  155. Vitamin B12 identified As An Effective Canker Sore Therapy, Study Suggests
  156. More Children Need Medical Help For RSV Than Previously Known
  157. Micro RNA Plays A Key Role In Melanoma Metastasis
  158. Indian experts find bacteria to beat global heat
  159. Sex after a heart attack considered
  160. Boob tube and depression ...
  161. Local climate influences dengue transmission
  162. Embargoed news from Annals of Internal Medicine
  163. Does gene show link between migraine and stroke or heart attacks?
  164. Family history of melanoma linked to Parkinson's disease
  165. Antimicrobial resistance in clinics, hospitals and at home
  166. New guidelines emphasize use of breast MRI to supplement standard imaging
  167. Closure of patent foramen ovale may benefit migraine sufferers
  168. Food counterfeiting, contamination outpace international regulatory systems
  169. Targeting the protein AEG1 impairs human liver cancer growth in mice
  170. Video imaging provides dynamic view of airway obstruction in those with sleep breathing disorder
  171. Survival after surgical complications appears better at teaching hospitals for whites but not blacks
  172. Does Gene Show Link Between Migraine And Stroke Or Heart Attacks?
  173. Deaf Children Use Hands To Invent Own Way Of Communicating
  174. New Biomarker For Fatal Prostate Cancer Found
  175. Evolutionary Link To Modern-day Obesity, Other Problems
  176. Nanoparticle 'Smart Bomb' Targets Drug Delivery To Cancer Cells
  177. Chronic Infection May Add To Developing-world Deaths
  178. Three Strikes, Three Procedures Save Girl With Half A Heart
  179. First Use Of New Subcutaneous Heart Monitor
  180. Kids' cholesterol study 'reassuring'
  181. Maintaining Balance And Listening At Same Time May Become More Difficult For Older Adults
  182. Our Aging Ears And Brains: Why Listening In Background Noise Gets Tougher As We Age
  183. New Botanical Drug May Silence Peanut Allergies, Animal Study Suggests
  184. Climate Change May Alter Malaria Patterns
  185. How Cells Handle Broken Chromosomes
  186. Fluid Buildup In Lungs Is Part Of The Damage Done By The Flu
  187. Parasite Wasps Have Practiced Gene Therapy For A Hundred Million Years
  188. Protective Shield Used By Hundreds Of Viruses Deciphered
  189. Tumor suppressor may attenuate fibrotic disease
  190. Process for expansion and division of heart cells identified
  191. A potential marker of increased histological activity in hepatitis C virus infection
  192. Supplement of probiotics provides a new therapy for ulcerative colitis
  193. What is the suppressing effect of the PPAR-gamma ligands on stomach cancer cells?
  194. An adjuvant chemotherapeutic agent in gastric cancer therapy
  195. Biochemical markers for non-invasive assessment of primary biliary cirrhosis
  196. Beachgoers at Increased Risk of MRSA
  197. Understand the Past to Prepare for the Future
  198. Foods to Put a Smile on Your Face
  199. HealthNews Dozen: Oh Baby! Doctor Reveals Parents’ Top Concerns
  200. Can Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy Reduce the Risk of Lung Cancer?
  201. Artificial muscles retain lost features
  202. Chronic diseases keep out workers
  203. Video Imaging Provides Dynamic View Of Airway Obstruction In Those With Sleep Breathing Disorder
  204. Oral antifungals appropriate for severe primary coccidioidal pneumonia
  205. Hospitals see big drop in staph superbugs
  206. AIDS top infectious disease in China
  207. Gene mutation increases drug toxicity, rejection risk in pediatric kidney transplants
  208. Blood pressure compound may benefit brain tumor patients
  209. TB treatment delays in Taiwan
  210. An atmosphere rich in CO2 and with high concentrations of oxygen enhances the quality of refrigerate
  211. Nausea drug may treat opioid
  212. Gastric 'condoms' can save obese from surgery
  213. Fixing Sprains Fast
  214. Fat-Synthesizing Enzyme Key to Healthy Skin, Hair
  215. New Idea: Healing Injuries, Arthritis With Blood
  216. Report: Fetal Stem Cells Trigger Tumors in Ill Boy
  217. Another Menopausal Treatment Increases Risk of Cancer Recurreance
  218. Bed-wetting blues: Millions of adults suffer, too
  219. Study shows ultrasound and tPA effective for stroke
  220. A potential molecular target for biotherapy esophageal squamous cell carcinomas
  221. Knowledge of genetics improves uncertain medication
  222. Proteasome inhibition affects epigenetic mechanisms
  223. Should intra-abdominal pressure measurement be a routine for all pancreatitis patients?
  224. What is the most effective therapy for low-dose aspirin induced peptic ulcer?
  225. A useful method to diagnose chest pain with foregut symptoms
  226. Indoor Air Pollution Increases Asthma Symptoms
  227. Shorter wait means longer life for kidney transplant candidates
  228. New therapy with stem cells to treat Crohn's disease
  229. Estrogen Found To Increase Growth Of The Most Common Childhood Brain Tumor
  230. Robotic Therapy May Reduce Stroke Physical Disability Years Later
  231. Self-regulating Molecular 'Transformers' Control Intracellular Protein Delivery
  232. Heart Attack Care: Drugs vs. Stents
  233. Glass of wine raises cancer risk by 168%
  234. Clinical trial success in nut allergy
  235. No prostate PSA test of elderly men
  236. HIV rates soar among gay men in Asia: Experts
  237. Bacteria In Urinary Tract Infections Caught Making Burglar's Tools
  238. Stroke: Innovative Team Approach Brings Man Back From The Dead Twice
  239. How Complex Movements Of Enzymes Make Fat
  240. Genetics Research Sheds Light On Evolution Of The Human Diet
  241. Young Adult Stroke Patients May Be Misdiagnosed In ER
  242. Medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis Raise Risk for Shingles
  243. Meningitis bacteria mimic human cells to trick immune system
  244. Pacemaker-like device zaps brain to treat OCD
  245. Global warning: Hotter days, increased hospitalizations for respiratory problems
  246. In brief: New prognostic indicator for patients with IPF
  247. High-flux hemodialysis prolongs survival in many patients with CKD
  248. Sweat, a new crime fighting tool
  249. Innovation For Women's Health - The New MRI Breast Scanner From Siemens
  250. New clues to healing arthritis caused by traumatic injury