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  1. New Stem Cells Help Body Repair Itself
  2. Surviving cardiac arrest better in bigger hospitals
  3. Abdominal fat can damage health
  4. Mosquitoes' wing duet before mating
  5. Brain shows the way when we are lost
  6. Free Early Education Program To Lower Infertility Rates
  7. 'Good cholesterol' designed to keep heart problems at bay
  8. January/February 2009 Annals of Family Medicine tip sheet
  9. Hormone therapy linked to brain shrinkage, but not lesions
  10. American Chemical Society's Weekly PressPac -- Jan. 7, 2009
  11. Workers exposed to lead show more cognitive problems later in life
  12. Opioids provide relief from neuropathic pain
  13. Elderly may have higher blood pressure in cold weather
  14. Job strain associated with stroke in Japanese men
  15. Diabetes associated with different types of brain injury in patients with dementia
  16. Relapses more frequent in patients diagnosed with pediatric-onset multiple sclerosis
  17. Glaucoma may be linked to higher rates of reading impairment in older adults
  18. Getting less sleep associated with lower resistance to colds
  19. Switchboard in the brain helps us learn and remember at the same time
  20. Nearly a century later, new findings support Warburg theory of cancer
  21. Tiny capsules deliver
  22. Iowa State University researchers discover structure of key Ebola protein
  23. Little risk seen with egg donation
  24. Mechanism may cause neurological disorders
  25. New malaria drug to be approved by FDA
  26. Enzyme deficiency let mice gorge not letting obese
  27. 'Laughter the best therapy for obesity'
  28. Noseless bicycle seats boost male potency
  29. Lead exposure ups cognitive problems
  30. Genes behind Kawasaki disease
  31. Target That Could Ease Spinal Muscular Atrophy Symptoms Discovered
  32. Protein That Regulates Hormones Critical To Women's Health Found In Pituitary
  33. Open-plan office workers sick and stressed
  34. Youth may underestimate heart risk
  35. Hormone therapy hastens brain mass loss
  36. Journal Chest: January news briefs
  37. Mobile phone use not associated with melanoma of the eye
  38. Meta-analysis confirms value of risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy for women with BRCA mutations
  39. HPV testing followed by cytology and repeat HPV testing may improve cervical cancer screening
  40. Also in the Jan. 13 JNCI
  41. News tips from the Journal of Neuroscience
  42. Treadmill exercise improves walking endurance for patients with peripheral arterial disease
  43. Intake of certain fatty acid appears to improve neurodevelopment for preterm girls, but not boys
  44. Genetic variation cues social anxiety in monkeys and humans
  45. Smoking during pregnancy may impair thyroid function of mom and fetus
  46. Rheumatoid arthritis: Worse in women?
  47. Moves to make more prescription drugs available over the counter won't help patients or doctors
  48. Little or no evidence that herbal remedies relieve menopausal symptoms
  49. New digital map of Africa's depleted soils to offer insights critical for boosting food production
  50. Delusions associated with consistent pattern of brain injury
  51. Diabetics with previous foot ulcers may be able to participate in walking program
  52. Novel technique changes lymph node biopsy, reduces radiation exposure in breast cancer patients
  53. Better MRI scans of cancers made possible by TU Delft
  54. Intake of vitamin D can prevent diabetes
  55. Repressive protein plays unexpected role in odor adaptation
  56. Brain mechanisms of social conformity
  57. New tool could prevent needless stents and save money, Stanford cardiologist says
  58. Scientists uncover evolutionary keys to common birth disorders
  59. 'Window into the brain' reveals deadly secrets of malaria
  60. Hospitals demonstrate surgical safety checklist drops deaths and complications by more than a third
  61. Exercise improves walking in peripheral arterial disease patients
  62. Free-range chickens are more prone to disease
  63. World breakthrough in treating premature babies
  64. Morbidly obese patients face high risk for complications after colectomy
  65. Arousal Frequency In Heart Failure Found To Be Unique Sleep Problem
  66. Researchers Identify Another Potential Biomarker For Lung Cancer
  67. Use Of Antidepressants Associated With Improvement In Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia
  68. 'Brushing teeth prevents preterm birth'
  69. Eye study proves malaria acuteness
  70. Unborn exposed to alcohol love its smell after birth
  71. Moderate alcohol consumption may help seniors keep disabilities at bay
  72. DREAM: one gene regulates pain, learning and memory
  73. Does universal health care affect attitude toward dementia?
  74. South Dakota Reports Case Of Swine Flu In Human
  75. Emission Of Methane From Plants
  76. Left-Right Asymmetry In The Brain
  77. Flow reserve testing may improve PCI outcomes
  78. Pneumatic compression devices help with restless legs syndrome
  79. Compression devices calm restless legs: study
  80. Post-natal depression can be cured
  81. Genetic testing now an open book
  82. Oral contraceptives carry risks
  83. A Scared and Sacred Silence
  84. Scientists find protein to kill bacteria
  85. Infected cells kill themselves to halt virus
  86. New infant feeding and obesity research adds insight to ongoing issue
  87. Is there a relationship between sleep-wake rhythm and diabetes?
  88. Seasonal variation in blood pressure
  89. What Are The Needs Of Cancer Survivors When They No Longer Require Specialized Care?
  90. Detecting Fragile X at Birth
  91. MRI scans can predict effects of MS flare-ups on optic nerve
  92. High risk medical devices escaped close review
  93. Progress made in understanding causes and treatment of endometriosis
  94. African-Americans have worse prognosis at colorectal cancer diagnosis
  95. When It Comes To Sleep Research, Fruit Flies And People Make Unlikely Bedfellows
  96. Brain Mechanisms Of Social Conformity
  97. New Generation Of Salmonella-based, Single Dose Vaccine Candidates To Fight Infant Pneumonia
  98. Schizophrenia linked with 'emptier brains'
  99. First combined heart-lung transplant
  100. New Procedure Does Not Improve Premature Baby Survival
  101. Is Ritual Circumcision A Risk Factor For Neonatal Urinary Tract Infections?
  102. New Drug Holds Out Promise Of Normal Diet For Sufferers Of Devastating PKU Genetic Disease
  103. Probiotics May Prevent Certain Allergies In Cesarean-delivered Children But Not In All Children
  104. Study Refutes Notion That Eating A Certain Cereal Will Result In More Male Babies
  105. Birth Control Pill: Oral Contraceptive Use May Be Safe, But Information Gaps Remain
  106. Intestinal Lymphatic Tissue Important For The Absorption And Spread Of The Scrapie Prion
  107. Discovery of new marine life
  108. Indians carry genetic risk of cardiac
  109. Absence of a gene boosts memory, learning
  110. A stem cell treatment against AIDS
  111. More young adults using sleeping pills
  112. Water pollution affects male fertility
  113. Gene switch sites found mainly on 'shores,' not just 'islands' of the human genome
  114. Large DNA stretches, not single genes, shut off as cells mature
  115. Rethinking the genetic theory of inheritance
  116. The heart disease mutation carried by 60 million
  117. Bleeding hearts revealed with new scan
  118. Hospital Errors Put More Patients at Risk
  119. C-Section Too Early Risks Baby's Health
  120. Down and Dirty: Ten Most Germy Jobs
  121. Study: A Simple Surgery Checklist Saves Lives
  122. "Going That Extra Mile" For Patients Can Backfire, Warns MDDUS, UK
  123. King's Winning Fight Against Clostridium Difficile
  124. Advanced Medical Optics Receives FDA Approval For TECNIS(R) Multifocal Intraocular Lens
  125. Malignant Conditions In Children Born After Assisted Reproductive Technology
  126. The Genetic Fingerprint Of Prostate Cancer - How Estrogen Might Play A Role
  127. The Worst Luck In The World? The Heart Disease Mutation Carried By 60 Million
  128. Rectal cancer incidence has shifted toward younger patients for reasons that are unexplained, accord
  129. Nonpharmacologic Treatments for Postpartum Depression Found Effective
  130. FDA Goes Global to Stop Unsafe Food and Drug Imports
  131. China to roll out two HIV drugs
  132. Bred for looks, pedigree dogs losing mental bite
  133. Rise in kids' nose & throat infections
  134. Medical 'microbot' for human arteries
  135. Infants' liquid medicines risky
  136. Nitric Oxide Shown To Cause Colon Cancer - MIT Study Offers Proof Of Compound's Role In Disease
  137. Engineered virus targets and kills apparent cancer stem cells in neuroblastoma
  138. Pathogenic soil bacterium is influenced by land management practices
  139. Medication may provide some benefit for older adults with anxiety disorder
  140. Supplements help prevent muscle wasting-study
  141. Gene to pave way for nicotine-free cigarettes
  142. Inflammation contributes to colon cancer
  143. Cleaner Air Increased Life Expectancy In US Cities
  144. Women Physicians Provide Better CHF Treatment
  145. U.S. Heart Attacks Becoming Less Severe
  146. Trying a Pill to Prevent HIV
  147. Robot Assistant as Good as Human in Some Surgery
  149. New tools can better predict successful kidney transplant outcomes
  150. Personal disaster preparedness
  151. UT Southwestern researchers find drug-coated stents less risky for heart bypass patients
  152. Inflammation worsens danger due to atherosclerosis
  153. Tips from the American Journal of Pathology
  154. Frogs Are Being Eaten To Extinction, Experts Say
  155. Research identifies in-flight emergencies
  156. Research elucidates way lungs fight bacteria and prevent infection
  157. DASNR researchers make breakthrough against poxviruses
  158. Kids with inflammatory bowel disease have high folate levels: Study
  159. How cancer-promoting gene accelerates the disease
  160. Virtual Reality: Keyhole Surgeons Training Could Help Meet European Working Time Directives
  161. Genital Inflammation Linked to Multiple-Variant HIV Infections
  162. Infliximab Combo Therapy for RA Provides Faster Symptom Relief
  163. Female Doctors Provide Best HF Care
  164. Protease Inhibitors Hinder Development of Plasmodium Parasites
  165. What is beating-heart bypass surgery?
  166. Ankle Splints Improve Mobility After Stroke
  167. Could You Be Suffering From Heart Failure And Not Know It?
  168. Cutting Edge Information Reveals That New Diabetes Drugs To Face Greater FDA Scrutiny In 2009
  169. Implants Mimic Infection To Rally Immune System Against Tumors
  170. Engineered Measles Virus As A Novel Oncolytic Therapy Against Prostate Cancer
  171. Glucose Precisely Detected By Nano-Tetherball Biosensor
  172. High level of biventricular pacing best for heart failure patients
  173. Rates of severe obstetric complications increased over last decade
  174. Glycemic control poor among hospitalized patients
  175. Recommended cholesterol level may be too high
  176. Embolization Remains Good Option for Unresectable Liver Cancer
  177. Decoding how cell memory helps immune system fend off invasions
  178. Study adds to evidence of vaccine safety
  179. Presence of gene variant helps protect against scaly skin patches
  180. Schoolboys in athletics risk shoulder injuries
  181. Substance use common among patients with TB, associated with treatment difficulties
  182. Study examines loop diuretic use and fractures in postmenopausal women
  183. Evolution And Epilepsy: Improvement In Brain Electrical Signaling Is Critical Both For Vertebrate Ev
  184. Alcohol can improve men's performance in bedroom: Study
  185. Article In Stroke
  186. Fast-food diet cancels out benefits of breastfeeding in preventing asthma
  187. New insights into a leading poultry disease and its risks to human health
  188. Magnetic-anchor-guided endoscopic submucosal dissection shows promise for gastric cancer
  189. Researchers iron out new role for serotonin
  190. DNA component can stimulate and suppress the immune response
  191. 'Cello scrotum' was just a medical prank
  192. I feel your pain: Neural mechanisms of empathy
  193. Weizmann Institute Scientists Create Working Artificial Nerve Networks
  194. Spinal fluid proteins signal Lou Gehrig's disease
  195. Blast overpressure is generated from the firing of weapons and may cause brain injury
  196. Researchers may have found why women have an edge on salt-sensitive hypertension
  197. Faster, Stronger Cancer Killer -- In-Depth Doctor's Interview
  198. Writing for publication: The basics
  199. Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Physical Therapists
  200. Evaluation of Patients Presenting with Knee Pain
  201. Diagnosis and Management of the Painful Shoulder
  202. Better management improves survival rates of heart attack victims
  203. Cerebral concussion effects continue up to 30 years: Study
  204. Gene therapy cures form of 'bubble boy disease'
  205. Study finds preemies more likely to score positive
  206. Sudden cardiac death without recognizable cause
  207. Articles on Myofasical Tigger Points
  208. Study finds that in vitro fertilization plancentation may differ from normal plancentation
  209. Study able to predict which cesarean births could cause uterine rupture
  210. Effectiveness of progesterone in reducing preterm births may be altered by genetic predisposition
  211. Key to pre-eclampsia may be found in misfolded proteins in the urine
  212. Observers of first dates can predict outcome, study shows
  213. Vaccines and Autism: Many Hypotheses, But No Correlation
  214. LSUSHC researchers find potential new target for hypertension treatment
  215. UC San Diego Engineers Develop Novel Method for Accelerated Bone Growth
  216. Pregnancy-related hormonal changes linked to increased risk of restless legs syndrome
  217. Daytime impairments in older men with obstructive sleep apnea are related to total sleep time
  218. New screening test can determine whether children have a swallowing disorder
  219. Infliximab may help prevent post-operative Crohn's disease recurrence
  220. 'Donating kidney not bad for health'
  221. Potential New Target For Hypertension Treatment Discovered
  222. You Can't Always Get What You Want: Young Infants Understand Goals, Even If Unsuccessful
  223. Single gene lets bacteria jump from host to host
  224. Riddle of allergic reactions solved
  225. Test predicts cancer recovery chances
  226. Genetics link to sleeping disorder
  227. Newer medication may offer advantages over agents often used for sedation in ICU
  228. Targeted nanospheres find, penetrate, then fuel burning of melanoma
  229. Even with medication, asthma patients show chronic airflow changes in lungs
  230. Microcoils help locate small lung nodules
  231. Cementless Cup Device Developed for Total Hip Replacements Shows Durability after More than Twenty Y
  232. Support Cells, Not Neurons, Lull The Brain To Sleep
  233. Omega-6 Fatty Acids: Make Them Part Of Heart-healthy Eating, New Recommendations Say
  234. In Japan, you are what your blood type is
  235. A Clear Explanation Of Prescription Pricing
  236. A Shot of Controversy: Bogus or Breakthrough?
  237. Marijuana use damages teens brains'
  238. Stroke drug may cut Alzheimer's risk
  239. DNA vaccine for uncommon cold
  240. Drugs may be 'magic bullet' for infants born with rare form of diabetes
  241. New clues to pancreatic cells' destruction in diabetes
  242. Donít go changing: New chemical keeps stem cells young
  243. Traffic noise ups heart attack risk
  244. Insulin Is A Possible New Treatment For Alzheimer's
  245. Parent-child synchrony for preterm development
  246. How much is the world spending on neglected disease research and development?
  247. New study raises concerns about screen time among urban children with asthma
  248. Asperger's syndrome in adults
  249. Vitamin D, a key milk nutrient, linked to better muscle power
  250. Gene target therapy to combat herpes