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  1. Dendrimer Reduces Toxicity Of Cancer Drug
  2. Unpasteurized Milk Poses Health Risks Without Benefits
  3. Drinkers with the ADH1C gene at greater risk of colorectal cancer
  4. Robotic Arm Brace
  5. The Future Perfect: Plastic Surgery Dangers -- In-Depth Doctor's Interview I
  6. Honey bees on cocaine dance more, changing ideas about the insect brain
  7. New evidence that people make aspirin's active principle -- salicylic acid
  8. New research lights up chronic bacterial infection inside bone
  9. Patients With Severe Psoriasis Need Evaluation Of Heart Disease Risk
  10. Renal diseases: Have low protein diet
  11. Rural people suffer more trauma
  12. What is the mechanism of the chronic radiation enteritis?
  13. Molecular events involved in liver regeneration
  14. A potential drug for ischemia/reperfusion related liver injury
  15. A new light on tumor immunotherapy for gastric cancer
  16. Bioreactors might solve blood-platelet supply problems
  17. Branson slams Britain's "horrific" MRSA problem
  18. Needle Exchanges Can Cut Prison HIV Transmission
  19. Paclitaxel-Coated Stent Tops Bare Metal in Saphenous Vein Grafts
  20. Brain has subconscious visual sense
  21. 'Clue' to sexes' pain difference
  22. Race And Insurance Status Impact Presentation And Treatment Of Diverticulitis
  23. Turn off the TV to Prevent Diabetes
  24. Men are Red, Women are Green
  25. Filter for the Brain
  26. Bone marrow synthesised in lab
  27. Drug combos pose risk for elderly
  28. Endometrial Ablation at Younger Age Linked to Higher Risk for Subsequent Hysterectomy
  29. Elderly Often Use Prescription and Nonprescription Medications Together
  30. Spotless Mind? Unwanted Memories Might Be Erasable Without Harming Other Brain Functions
  31. Protein Helps Build Muscle Mass: Possible Treatment For Muscle Wasting Disorders
  32. Seeing The Unseen With 'Super-resolution' Fluorescence Microscopy
  33. Patient Consent Forms Should Educate Not Intimidate, Experts Urge
  34. For Best Results, Ask A Few Thought-provoking Questions
  35. Slamming Brakes On Deadly Ovarian Cancer Cells: Blocking Proteins Coded By Notorious Cancer-causing
  36. The Virtue Of Variety: More Options Can Lead To Healthier Choices
  37. Nanoparticles Delivering Drugs Can Kill Skin, Breast Cancer Cells
  38. Mystery Of Hexagonal Column Formations Such As Giant's Causeway Solved With Kitchen Materials
  39. Efficient Organic LEDs A Step Toward Better Lights
  40. Older Adults At High Risk For Harmful Drug Interactions
  41. Reward-stress Link Points To New Targets For Treating Addiction
  42. Apolipoprotein(a): A natural regulator of inflammation
  43. In Early Diagnosis Of Alzheimer's Disease, MRI Brain Scans Accurate
  44. Breathing Life Into Injured Lungs: World-First Technique Expands Donor Pool
  45. Surgeons Attempt To Restore Hearing To Patient With Rare Tumor
  46. Gradual starvation of brain could trigger Alzheimer's
  47. Body heat doomed Neanderthals?
  48. Rare sleep disorder sparks dementia
  49. Mistletoe extends cancer patients' lives
  50. Thought of money lights up brain
  51. Peripheral Artery Disease: Pain When Walking Can Be Reduced With Moderate Exercise, Study Suggests
  52. Why Analgesic Drugs May Be Less Potent In Females Than In Males
  53. Diet alters heart failure risk
  54. No-breakfast teens have sex earlier
  55. Blood platelets to be made in lab
  56. Method For Generating Novel Types Of Stem Cells
  57. Cellular Reprogramming: Science's Breakthrough Of The Year
  58. Peering Inside The Skull Of A Mouse To Solve Meningitis Mystery
  59. Statins May Decrease Incidence Of Delirium After Cardiac Surgery
  60. Conjoined twin dies in hospital
  61. Prematurity 'can impair senses'
  62. Hobbyists Are Trying Genetic Engineering at Home
  63. Visual Areas Of Brain Respond More To Valuable Objects, Brain-imaging Shows
  64. Prostaglandin Receptor Key To Atherosclerosis Development
  65. Transvaginal Mesh Surgery for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Linked to Good 1-Year Outcomes
  66. Severe Asthma With Fungal Sensitization May Respond to Oral Antifungal Therapy
  67. Another Reason to Get 40 Winks? Reduced CAC
  68. Exercising pelvic boosts sexual arousal
  69. Large wine glass raises cancer risk
  70. 10 Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Predictions For 2009
  71. Spotless Mind? Unwanted Memories Might Be Erasable Without Harming Other Brain Functions
  72. Just A Little Squeeze Lets Proteins Assess DNA
  73. Colonoscopy Significantly Reduces Death From Left-sided Colon Cancer But Not From Right-sided
  74. Real-time Gene Monitoring Developed
  75. Cancer drug effectively treats transplant rejections
  76. How chromosomes meet in the dark -- Switch that turns on X chromosome matchmaking
  77. Scared Aussies do not apply sunscreen
  78. How to get in shape while saving Mother Earth
  79. Greek scientists develop heart attack calculator
  80. Now, a machine that will make wine hangovers history
  81. Now, pants that absorb smell of farting!
  82. Acupuncture may offer help against pelvic girdle pain
  83. Osteoporosis prophylaxis urged for premenopausal women with SLE taking steroids
  84. Pollution at home often lurks unrecognized
  85. New Anti-cancer Components Of Extra-virgin Olive Oil Revealed
  86. 'Best decisions made unconsciously'
  87. The QUIPS Project Aims To Reduce Post Operative Pain
  88. NicOx' Naproxcinod Shows Differentiated 24-Hour Blood Pressure Profile After 13 Weeks Treatment
  89. Stem Cells Save Kids with Cancer
  90. Asteroid named after Assam-origin girl
  91. Dieting's new philosophy: Eat, drink
  92. Latest Advances In Scarless Surgery Presented At International Course On NOTES Surgery
  93. Chink Found In Armor Of Viral 'Tummy Bug'
  94. Redesigned Protein Accelerates Blood Clotting
  95. Common food additive found to increase risk and speed spread of lung cancer
  96. Anti-fungal drug offers great benefits to some with severe asthma
  97. Family members of critically ill patients want to discuss loved ones' uncertain prognoses
  98. Family rejection of LGB children linked to poor health in early childhood
  99. 'Face expressions hardwired in genes'
  100. Mushroom diet 'could help shed pounds'
  101. A small glass of wine 'could delay dementia in women'
  102. Lack of sleep 'can affect a person's sanity'
  103. Effective treatment for neuroblastoma
  104. Less sleep can lead to paranoia
  105. Stem Cells Poised To Grow Organs For Transplant
  106. A Simple Questionnaire To Replace A Doctor's Exam
  107. Cell Phones Using Lens-Free Imaging Promise To Improve Health Monitoring
  108. Microbiologist Tests Safety Of Spiked Eggnog
  109. Molecule That Targets Brain Tumors Identified
  110. 20% 'have blood pressure gene'
  111. Teva Introduces New Thinner 29-Gauge Needle For COPAXONE® Pre-Filled Syringe
  112. News Tips From The Journal Of Neuroscience
  113. One in 10 Stops Taking Clopidogrel Because of "Nuisance Bleeding"
  114. Processed food may cause lung cancer
  115. Kids at risk even after you quit smoking
  116. Plants and flowers 'speed post-surgery recovery’
  117. Blood Sugar Linked To Decline Of Memory And Cognitive Health In Older People
  118. Grape Seed Extract Kills Laboratory Leukemia Cells, Proving Value Of Natural Compounds
  119. Treadmill Desks Improves Cognitive Function, Unlike Low Carb Diets
  120. Size 14 women are ‘happiest with life’
  121. Can’t hear at parties? Brain to blame
  122. Meditation cuts ADHD symptoms in kids
  123. Moods are contagious
  124. Bio-sensor to make our food safer
  125. For sperm, size 'does not matter'
  126. Fresh blood increases cancer survival
  127. Low Doses Of Melamine Not Associated With Severe Kidney Problems In Children
  128. Low Doses Of Melamine Not Associated With Severe Kidney Problems In Children
  129. Resolution to quit drinking harmful
  130. Antibiotics use cuts ICU death rates
  131. Months after smoking ban, heart attacks down by 40%
  132. Obesity surgery cures diabetes in youths
  133. Dieting can make you vulnerable to flu
  134. Eating less reduces weight gain: Study
  135. A big bottom can cut diabetes risk
  136. New technique to locate cancer cells
  137. Popular New Year resolutions ‘improve sexual health’
  138. Indian stem cell treatment gives hope to stroke patients
  139. Single Letter In Human Genome Points To Risk For High Cholesterol
  140. It hurts more when it is deliberate
  141. Using Gold Particles To Release Multiple Drugs In A Controlled Fashion - Nanoparticles Could Treat C
  142. Device Not to Blame When Hip Replacement Fails
  143. New genetic markers for ulcerative colitis identified, researchers report in Nature Genetics
  144. MIT develops new way to fuse cells
  145. Salk researchers develop novel glioblastoma mouse model
  146. New genetic markers for ulcerative colitis identified, researchers report in Nature Genetics
  147. Osteoporosis Drug Linked To Bone Death In Jaw
  148. Days could be numbered for Dengue spreading mozzies!
  149. Culprit found in rare type of baldness
  150. Debunking The Detox Myth
  151. What If The Treatment Doesn't Work: Nailing Steroid Resistant Asthma
  152. Think thyroid to cure the next diabetes
  153. New Way to Blast Fat Without Surgery Looks Promising
  154. Nano 'Tractor Beam' Traps DNA
  155. Stress hormone 'a marker for ME'
  156. More Americans getting multiple chronic illnesses
  157. Treatment hope for squamous cancer patients
  158. Acute Gastric Injury Due To High-dose Analgesics?
  159. Common Gene Variant Linked To High Blood Pressure Identified
  160. Self-Induced Abortions Common Among Hispanic Communities, Studies Say
  161. Obesity Comes With A Price Tag
  162. New Eating Plan Makes Weight Loss Extra Easy
  163. Consult physician online
  164. Experts nail gene behind cancer spread
  165. Love skews women's sense of smell
  166. A protein that protects against Alzheimer's?
  167. Study Yields Clues About the Evolution of Epilepsy
  168. Approved drugs restore sensitivity to appetite suppressant fat hormone
  169. On a high-fat diet, protective gene variant becomes bad actor
  170. Factor has pivotal role in obesity, metabolic syndrome
  171. Deep brain stimulation treatment for advanced Parkinson's disease patients provides benefits
  172. Big, old mice spread hantavirus
  173. Chronic Care Model helps improve people's health and care
  174. Implantable defibrillators lower risk of death in older heart patients
  175. News tips from the Journal of Neuroscience
  176. Deaths from lung cancer could be reduced by better policies to control indoor radon
  177. Hormone important in recognizing familiar faces
  178. Obesity: Reviving the promise of leptin
  179. UCLA assessment technique lets scientists see brain aging before symptoms appear
  180. Physical Activity May Not Be Key To Obesity Epidemic, Loyola Study Finds
  181. Nicotine gum effective for gradual smoking reduction and cessation
  182. New infant formula safety advice could prevent infant suffering
  183. Angina: New drug gets right to the heart of the problem
  184. Study Helps Explain Connection Between Sleep Apnea, Stroke And Death
  185. Young adults need to make more time for healthy meals
  186. New Tumor Suppressor For Lung Cancer Identified By Cell Biologists
  187. Differentiating Between Healthy Cells And Cancer Cells
  188. Number Of Babies Exposed To Drugs Effectively Reduced By 'Recovery Coaches'
  189. Physical Activity May Not Be Key To Obesity Epidemic
  190. Scientists See Brain Aging Before Symptoms Appear
  191. Treatment Of Patients With Heart Blockage Guided By New Appropriate Use Criteria
  192. Offspring Benefit From Disease Clues During Pregnancy
  193. Treadmill Desks More Effective In Cancer Prevention For Women Than Vitamin C, E And Beta Carotene Su
  194. Childhood Trauma May Be Risk Factor For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  195. Galapagos Selects Pre-clinical Candidate Drug For Cachexia
  196. Sleep apnea may cause stroke: Study
  197. Play Tetris 'to wipe out bad memories'
  198. Old diarrhea drug, an anti-aging cure
  199. Nurses Play Key Role In Improving Quality Of Patient Care
  200. Forensic Issues In Child Sexual Abuse Allegations
  201. Medicare Proposes Expansion Of PET Scans As Cancer Diagnostic Tool
  202. Gout: Clues To Clinical Diagnosis
  203. New Drug Shows Promise For Treatment Of Adults With Fragile X Syndrome
  204. Understanding And Treating Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
  205. Do Babies With Febrile Seizures Need Spinal Taps?
  206. The Absent-Minded Professor: An Unusual Complication Of Melanoma
  207. Protein Has Pivotal Role In Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome
  208. HWI scientist first in world to unravel structure of key breast cancer target enzyme
  209. Gene abnormality found to predict childhood leukemia relapse
  210. Mountaineers measure lowest human blood oxygen levels on record
  211. Metabolic syndrome risk for veterans with PTSD
  212. Ahead of the games: Test will catch sports cheats on new endurance drugs
  213. 'It takes 2 to know 1': Shared experiences change self-recognition
  214. Control of blood vessels a possible weapon against obesity
  215. MU Researchers Discover Target that Could Ease Spinal Muscular Atrophy Symptoms
  216. Avian flu becoming more resistant to antiviral drugs, says University of Colorado study
  217. Lost in translation
  218. Repeat C-section before 39 weeks raises risk of neonatal illness
  219. Unique skeletal muscle design contributes to spine stability
  220. Converting adult somatic cells to pluripotent stem cells using a single virus
  221. Health Care Providers and Patients Differ On Views of Knee Replacement
  222. Adolescents With Arthritis Need More Information When Transitioning to Adult Care
  223. Preterm births rise 36 percent since early 1980s
  224. Love hormone helps with recognition
  225. Brain pacemaker for Parkinson's patients
  226. Woman With Bird Flu Dies In Beijing Hospital
  227. Doctors Excited About 'Breakthrough' Heart-Valve Procedure
  228. A Note From the FDA: There Are Beetles in Your Juice
  229. Salmonella Outbreak Sickens 388 Across U.S.: CDC
  230. Maslinic acid provides a natural defense against colon cancer
  231. Chemopreventive agents in black raspberries identified
  232. Obesity starts in the head? Six newly discovered genes for obesity have a neural effect
  233. Nose-spray vaccine against botulism effective in first tests
  234. Heavy Pyridine Crystallizes Differently
  235. Treatment Involving Deep Brain Stimulation For Patients With Advanced Parkinson Disease Provides Ben
  236. Lowest oxygen levels recorded
  237. New way to repair heart attack damage
  238. Kitchen appliances emit unsafe matter
  239. A pill to fall in and out of love?
  240. Heart valves implanted sans surgery
  241. Chemical proceses that lead to ageing identified
  242. People are more suggestible under laughing gas
  243. Penn study: Chances of surviving cardiac arrest depend on where patients are treated
  244. Dartmouth researchers find new protein function
  245. Research shows cell's inactive state is critical for effectiveness of cancer treatment
  246. Digital Communication Technology Helps Clear Path to Personalized Therapies
  247. A good night's sleep protects against parasites
  248. Sequence matters in droughts and floods
  249. Sea level rise of 1 meter within 100 years
  250. Alzheimer's Patients On Antipsychotics Have Nearly Double Death Risk