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  1. Emerging Drugs For Treatment Of Overactive Bladder And Detrusor Overactivity
  2. Beware A Rapidly Emerging Healthcare-Associated Infection: Acinetobacter Baumannii
  3. The Tongue Is The Start Of The Route To Obesity
  4. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 'Works Best With Recurrent Depression'
  5. MRI Machines May Damage Cochlear Implants
  6. Doctors Often Skip Health Behavior Conversations With Teens
  7. Study Unmasks How Ovarian Tumors Evade Immune System
  8. Childhood Vaccines Cause Financial Burden To Many Health Care Providers
  9. Marked Improvement In Body Image, Physical Stamina, Post-Surgical Pectus Patients Report
  10. NPA Guide To Practice Based Commissioning - Update
  11. Study Shows How Shift Workers Can Improve Job Performance And Implement A Realistic Sleep Schedule
  12. Persistent Pollutant May Promote Obesity
  13. New Treatment Eliminates Heel Pain Caused By Plantar Fasciitis
  14. AAAAI: Long-lasting Cold Symptoms May Be Sinusitis
  15. Antibiotics: Single Largest Class Of Drugs Causing Liver Injury
  16. Newly Reported HIV Cases On The Rise In Europe
  17. Brain Waves Show Sound Processing Abnormalities In Autistic Children
  18. Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Made Easy With Mammomat Inspiration
  19. New Methods To Avoid Knee Replacements
  20. AIDS Day: Successful Global HIV Testing Campaign To Test 1M People Marches On
  21. New Study Shows Potential Of Rational Drug Design In Schizophrenia
  22. Doctors Ditch Drug Samples to Avoid Influencing Treatment
  23. Some Doctors May Give up Vaccines Because of Cost
  24. First Ever In-vivo Efficacy Data For A MicroRNA Therapeutic Disease Model
  25. Doctors Should Prepare To Handle Angry Patients, For Own Protection
  26. Maternal Exposure To Folic Acid Antagonists Increases Risks
  27. Two Studies Show Benefits Of Removing Tumor Tissue In The Spine Prior To Adjuntive Treatments
  28. Tracking Eye Disorders In Statin Users - Improving Glaucoma Tests With Patient Input
  29. Scientists Produce Illusion Of Body-Swapping
  30. Five Steps To Saving Lives And Improving Men's Experience Of Prostate Cancer By 2020
  31. Caltech Scientists Show Function Of Helical Band In Heart
  32. Place Of Birth Contributes To Asthma Disparity
  33. Vitamin D Found To Fight Placental Infection
  34. Tool Helps Identify Gene Function In Soybeans
  35. Accidental child poisonings still a major problem
  36. Diamyd Medical: Diamyd(R) Diabetes Vaccine - Three Blockbuster Indications
  37. Asthma Risk Higher In Children Born By C-Section
  38. Cardiologists Debate Study Comparing CT Scans, Angiograms
  39. India's Hijra Community Promotes Safer Sex, HIV Awareness
  40. 'Intelligent' Materials To Revolutionise Surgical Implants
  41. Recurring Brain Tumors Are Treated Effectively By Gamma Knife -
  42. Dietitian, Nutritionist, Food Advisor, Do You Know The Difference?
  43. Got A Headache? It Is Your Dentist, Not Doctor Who Could Fix It!
  44. Preventing Disease Transmission By Targeting Ticks And Mosquitoes
  45. Virtual colonoscopy has potential to screen for colorectal cancer and osteoporosis at same time
  46. Faulty Heating Connection Leads to Carbon Monoxide Death of Family
  47. 10 Baffling Medical Conditions - These Conditions Remain Clouded in Mystery
  48. Happiness Is Infectious - British Medical Journal
  49. 'Zinc Zipper' Plays Key Role In Hospital-Acquired Infections
  50. American Values Blamed For Health-Care Crisis
  51. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis linked to heart attacks
  52. Fatty liver disease and body shape
  53. Depression common among medical students
  54. Cartilage transplants used to repair damaged shoulder joints
  55. Relieving Chronic Hip Pain
  56. Brain Waves Show Sound Processing Abnormalities in Children with Autism
  57. Treadmill use activates brain circuits to improve walking after stroke
  58. Procalcitonin discriminates between bacterial and aseptic meningitis in children
  59. Gout may have protective effect against Parkinson's disease
  60. "Free spirits" may be more apt to drink impulsively
  61. Overweight kids may have more anxiety, depression
  62. What to Do With Unused Embryos?
  63. Medical Residents Must Sleep After 16 Hours, Experts Urge
  64. Woman Divorces to Afford Life-Saving Surgery
  65. Horrifying Parasitic Illness Reaches All-Time Low
  66. Is Your Happiness Contagious?
  67. Once-heaviest Man Ties The Knot
  68. FDA Panel Backs Allergan's Eyelash Enhancing Drug
  69. Mammograms Might Detect Cancers That Would Regress
  70. FRC: New Mental Health Studies Dispel Myth That Abortion Is A 'Non-Event'
  71. High Sodium in Unexpected Places
  72. The Six Habits of Highly Respectful Physicians
  73. New Recommendations By Scientific Societies About Late Onset Hypogonadism
  74. Some blood-system stem cells reproduce more slowly than expected
  75. Sufferers Of Dementia Benefit From Mix Of Taiji, Cognitive Therapy And Support Groups
  76. Few Ontario Women With Invasive Ovarian Cancer Referred For Genetic Testing Of Breast Cancer Genes
  77. MU Researcher Develops Screening Tool To Identify Patients With Prediabetes
  78. Liver Fat More Important Than Apple Or Pear Shape In Heart Woes
  79. Look Before You Leap: Allsup Cautions Medicare Recipients About The Prescription Drug Donut Hole
  80. Childhood Media Exposure Linked to Variety of Negative Health Outcomes
  81. Rapid-Response Teams Fail to Prevent Cardiac Arrests or Deaths
  82. Doctor Assisted Suicides Ruled As Legal By Montana Judge
  83. Surviving Conjoined Twin Seriously Ill, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
  84. Insights Into Development Of The Human Immune System
  85. Chronic Inflammation May Be Eased By Vitamin E
  86. How lizard spit aids diabetes cure
  87. DNA test can reveal kids' sports gene
  88. Are men becoming the weaker sex?
  89. A method to estimate time of death?
  90. Short-haired women are less sexy
  91. Virtual Faces Created With Emotions, Moods And Personality
  92. Honeybee CSI: Why dead bodies canít be found
  93. Lack of sleep has genetic link with type 2 diabetes
  94. Brains of poor and rich kids vary
  95. 'Mobiles can damage memory' - Swedish researchers have found
  96. 'End to AIDS spread within years' - A French scientist
  97. Inner Workings Of The Immune System Filmed
  98. Blood Pressure Measured In Doctor's Office May Not Adequately Predict Heart Risks
  99. Nanotechnology "Culture War" Possible, Says Yale Study
  100. Precious Metal, Osmium, Could Lead To Next Generation Of Cancer Treatments
  101. Rectal Malaria Drug Could Save Many Lives In Rural Africa And Asia
  102. Supposed Help Against Tumors - How Glioblastoma Tumor Cells Use The Body's Protection
  103. Urinary Tract Infection In Preterm Infants: The Protective Role Of Breastfeeding
  104. Genome-wide Association Study To Assess Risk Of Variant VCJD Reports On Genetic Control Of Susceptib
  105. Eating salmon healthier than fish oil
  106. Baltimore Boy's Death Raises Concerns Over Cold Virus
  107. Those hooked to videogames are not just kids
  108. A formula tells us why we put off tasks
  109. Old age people are easily distracted
  110. Sleep is a mystery - No one knows exactly why
  111. Cold Sore Virus Linked To Alzheimer's Disease: New Treatment, Or Even Vaccine Possible
  112. Heart attack patients get 'big chill' treatment
  113. Does memory screening help spot dementia, or harm?
  114. Scientists find nutty risk reducer: Eat more nuts
  115. Non-invasive glucose monitoring system
  116. Older patients with acute myloid leukemia patients show promising response in drug study
  117. Diabetes Medication Rosiglitazone Carries Higher Risk Than Pioglitazone
  118. Population Study Finds Genetic Clues
  119. Electronic Prescribing System May Encourage Physicians To Choose Lower-Cost Drugs
  120. Age-Related Farsightedness May Affect More Than 1 Billion Worldwide
  121. Which Obesity Treatment Is Most Successful For Keeping The Weight Off?
  122. Midwives urge delay in cutting the cord
  123. Silk the key to rebuilding bone
  124. Smart Pills: The Truth About Cognitive-Enhancing Drugs
  125. Alcohol tolerance gene 'identified'
  126. Food Can Affect A Cell In The Same Way Hormones Do
  127. Brain swelling blamed in many Mount Everest deaths
  128. Telephone Counseling A Valuable Weight Loss Maintenance Technique
  129. Articles---> Date: 10 Dec 2008
  130. Empathetic virtual humans on the way
  131. Hong Kong on high alert over bird flu outbreak
  132. High Serum Phosphate Increases Vascular Calcification
  133. Celiac Disease and Type 1 Diabetes Have Common Genes
  134. Nature and Nurture Contribute to Overeating
  135. In the brain, justice is served from many parts
  136. Eye Disorders Linked To Statin Drug Use In Some Patients
  137. More Than 2,000 Children Die Every Day From Unintentional Injury; At Least Half Could Be Saved
  138. Articles - Dec. 11, 2008
  139. Irritable Bowel Syndrome Can Have Genetic Causes
  140. Paramedics Accused of Molesting Patients
  141. Hospital-Borne Pneumonia Can Be Prevented By Toothbrushing, TAU Study Finds
  142. AAOS Issues New Clinical Practice Guideline For Osteoarthritis Of The Knee
  143. Vical Pandemic Influenza Vaccines Achieve T-Cell Responses And Cross-Clade Reactivity In Humans
  144. For Short-Term Weight Loss, Economic Incentives Work
  145. Dexamethasone Administered For Tonsillectomy Nausea And Vomiting In Children Also Increases Post-Ope
  146. A Study Reveals The Anti Inflammatory Properties Of Virgin Olive Oil
  147. New Website For People With Multiple Sclerosis
  148. How Mutations Are Transmitted From One Generation To The Next
  149. The Profound Effects Of Numbing Agents
  150. Good News For Young Male Cancer Patients
  151. Holidays In The Hospital Can Still Be Happy
  152. Aggressive cholesterol-lowering therapy may reverse atherosclerosis
  153. Rabies diagnosed with PCR skin test
  154. IL-12 gene transfer by electroporation promising for melanoma
  155. FDA panel: Two asthma drugs risky but Advair OK
  156. Why people forget things
  157. Hottest white dwarf discovered
  158. Brain enzyme may prevent obesity
  159. Contraceptive Pill To Be Available Without Prescription, UK
  160. A Case Of Ectopic Dysplastic Kidney And Ectopic Ureter Diagnosed By MRI
  161. Removal Of Pelvic Lymph Nodes Or Radiotherapy Cannot Be Recommended As Routine Treatments In Women W
  162. World's First Low Radiocarbon Food May Reduce Risks Of Cancer And Birth Defects
  163. Shortfall In Human Blood Supply Spurs Innovation In Synthetic Substitutes
  164. DNA test can predict AIDS in HIV+ve
  165. Discovery Of Warm Plasma Cloak Surrounding Earth, New Region Of Magnetosphere
  166. Obesity All In Your Head? Brain Genes Associated With Increased Body Mass
  167. Waste Coffee Grounds Offer New Source Of Biodiesel Fuel
  168. Nanotubes Sniff Out Cancer Agents In Living Cells - Carbon Nanotubes Used To Monitor Chemotherapy, D
  169. Many Patients With Stomach Bleeds Could Be Safely Treated As Outpatients, Clearing Hospital Beds And
  170. Why Do Men Refuse Prostate Cancer Screening? Demographic Analysis In Turkey
  171. Robot-Assisted Mitrofanoff And Malone Antegrade Continence Enema Reconstruction Using Divided Append
  172. Timing Of Voiding Cystourethrography In Infants With First Time Urinary Infection
  173. Experimental Treatment Lengthens Lifespan Of Monkeys With Simian Version Of HIV, Study Says
  174. Biogen says new brain infection linked to Tysabri
  175. Indian state to kill 200,000 fowl in bird flu cull
  176. Cleft-lip nose fix OK at 16 for girls, 17 for boys
  177. Coral signals quake causing tsunami
  178. Floating neck brace for surfers
  179. Cleopatra's first true image recreated
  180. Romantic comedies mar love lives
  181. Horses can match voices with faces
  182. More Calories Burned At Rest By People With Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders
  183. Aspirin Not Effective In Preventing Lynch Syndrome
  184. US completes first face transplant
  185. Arthritis, osteoporosis common in Oz
  186. Computer-Aided Mammography Finds More Cancer, More False Positives
  187. Study Throws Light On How Pregnancy And Lactation Affects Cancer Outcomes
  188. One Step Closer To A Treatment For Mixed-Lineage Leukemia
  189. Vitrolife: Two Lung Transplantations Performed In Manchester Using New Technology
  190. Why A Virus With Unusual Properties Injects Unusual Substance Into E. Coli Bacteria
  191. Vitamin B1 Could Reverse Early-stage Kidney Disease In Diabetes Patients
  192. Autism And Schizophrenia Share Common Origin
  193. Heart And Blood Vessels Damaged By Depression, Anxiety Which Spur Poor Health Habits
  194. Proper Dental Care Can Reduce The Risk Of Atherosclerosis, A Leading Cause Of Heart Disease
  195. Snoring Or Soaring? Strength Of Fruit-Fly Immune System Varies With Daily Cycle, Stanford Researcher
  196. Proper Dental Care Can Reduce The Risk Of Atherosclerosis, A Leading Cause Of Heart Disease
  197. Persistent Imminent Orgasms In Women Are Associated With Restless Legs
  198. Alternative Splicing Proteins Prompt Heart Development
  199. New Medication Brings Hope Of Jet Lag Cure
  200. Implantable Monitor May Help In Managing Diastolic Heart Failure
  201. Biomarkers In Blood Could Aid Diagnosis Of Crippling, Often Fatal Forms Of Malaria
  202. New Way Men Can Transmit HIV To Women
  203. Ovarian, Breast And Lung Cancer Survival Linked To Two Proteins
  204. US Surgeons Carry Out Near Total Face Transplant
  205. Plastic Surgery Experts Available To Comment On Face Transplant Surgery
  206. Current Concepts In Clostridium Difficile Infection: A Focus On Geriatric And Pediatric Patients
  207. Bacteria help themselves in damaged lungs
  208. It's a shocker for rockers
  209. Enzyme inventory affects ovarian cancer outlook
  210. Primates get a neural facial
  211. Warning over pregnancy steroids
  212. Sandwiches 'caused fainting fits'
  213. Milestone dates 'boost screening'
  214. Women Can Contract HIV Through Healthy Tissue, Study Says
  215. Girls Have Superior Sense Of Taste To Boys
  216. The Main Cause Of Abnormal Muscle Constrictions In Dystonia Is Decreased Activity Of Basal Ganglia
  217. Sneezing can be a sign of arousal
  218. Failed Vaccine Mystery Solved
  219. Gut Instinct: Salmonella Bacteria's Molecular Tactics To Cause Illness
  220. Study Of Placenta Unexpectedly Leads To Cancer Gene
  221. Single Virus Used To Convert Adult Cells To Embryonic Stem Cell-like Cells
  222. New Psychotherapy Has Potential To Treat Majority Of Cases Of Eating Disorders
  223. In Juvenile Diabetes Metabolic Disturbances Indicate Progress Of The Disease Even Years In Advance
  224. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Has Anti-Cancer Components
  225. Program Improves Stroke Care
  226. High Blood Pressure Clouds Thoughts
  227. Racial Disparities Seen in Colorectal Cancer
  228. New Hope for Tiny Lungs
  229. Medicine's Next Big Thing: Growing New Cartilage for Knees?
  230. A condom to stop spread of bacteria
  231. Doctors repair lungs for transplant
  232. Find 'may cut painkiller damage'
  233. Baby Girl Free Of Breast Cancer Gene Due To Be Born Soon
  234. Next generation intermittent urinary catheters
  235. Cellular reprogramming, the 'Breakthrough of the Year' according to AAAS
  236. Researchers look at processes asbestos fibers use to trigger cancer in human cells
  237. HIV Dementia: How Major HIV Strains Affect The Brain Differently
  238. CT Colonography Offers One-stop Screening For Cancer And Osteoporosis
  239. How Mirror Neurons Allow Us To Learn And Socialize By Going Through The Motions In The Head
  240. First Functional Stem-cell Niche Model Created
  241. How Genes And Proteins Interact To Build Life's Dynamic Architecture
  242. Scientists sniff out prion secret
  243. Gene disease 'recreated in lab'
  244. IVF weight limit 'not justified'
  245. Thank your genes for your popularity
  246. The Perils of Sneezing
  247. Scientists Recreate Nerve Disease to Study It
  248. Protein Levels Indicate Risk Of Death In Some Colorectal Cancer Patients
  249. Drama In The Heart Of The Tarantula Nebula
  250. Breathing Life Into Injured Lungs: World-first Technique Will Expand Lung Donor Organ Pool