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  1. Fatty diet during pregnancy produces new neurons in fetal brain
  2. New blood test identifies sickest heart failure patients in ER
  3. Google Tracks US Flu Trends
  4. Eye Infection Epidemic Traced To Reduced Antifungal Properties Of Contact Lens Solution In High Temp
  5. Diabetes News All About Diabetes Video Library
  6. Nanomatrix stent coating designed to mimic natural endothelium
  7. Endocrine Society Releases Clinical Guideline On Metabolic Syndrome
  8. Hormone Therapy Helps Short Children Grow Up
  9. Is Pregnancy Affected By Previous Abortions And Exercise?
  10. Soft Contact Lenses Do Not Lead To "Myopic Creep" In Children, Study Shows
  11. Arsenic-free water provides hope to millions of people in South East Asia
  12. New nanofibers spun from a common blood protein to close wounds with minimal scarring
  13. Light triggers a new chemical code for brain cells
  14. Discovery of stem cells with potential to regenerate injured liver tissue
  15. Mother’s Mental Health Impacts Baby
  16. Osteoporosis drugs may prevent future bone growth
  17. A Window Into Parkinson's Disease - what causes Parkinson's disease?
  18. Cigarette Smoke Could Alter Shape Of Heart
  19. Advice For Conditions That Hit Below The Belt
  20. Stop Skin Cancer On The Spot
  21. HPV Vaccine Gardasil May Help Boys, Men
  22. Hormone Creams Ease Menopause Symptoms
  23. A Nerve Transfer was performed on a paraplegic to relieve life-threatening pressure ulcers
  24. Diabetes And Pelvic Girdle Syndrome
  25. Proton Therapy May Reduce Serious Side Effect Of Lung Cancer Treatment
  26. Clues To how early humans evolved to successfully birth larger-brained babies?
  27. New and Improved Breast Screening?
  28. Successful IBS Treatment With Peppermint Oil, Antispasmodics, And Fiber
  29. Listen To Your Leg Pain: It Could Be Telling You Something Serious
  30. "your teeth are the windows to your health,"- The Tooth Whisperers
  31. Increased Risk Of Stroke With Increased Nonfasting Triglyceride Levels
  32. Fuzzy brain?- Improve your attention span
  33. Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy: Perioperative Outcomes Of 1500 Cases
  34. Cell Phone/Brain Tumor Connection Remains Inconclusive But They Pose Neurological Health Risks
  35. 100,000 Saved From Dying Of Tuberculosis
  36. Cosmetic Surgery Desperation and Depression
  37. Power failure brings Sylmar hospital to standstill
  38. Angioplasty overused among millions of patients, evidence shows
  39. Scientist Discovers Fungus That Could Fuel A Car
  40. Safer, More Reliable Electroshock Weapons
  41. Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Diseases Could Be Halted By Protecting Neurons
  42. Higher Stress Hormones Found In Children Distressed By Family Fighting
  43. New Findings Offer Fresh Hope To Men With Prostate Cancer That Has Returned After Attempted Cure
  44. Airport malaria
  45. "Drink at least eight glasses of water a day." Really? Is there scientific evidence for "8 × 8"?
  46. Key To Children's Stress Levels In Child Care Is Their Relationships With Caregivers
  47. Synthetic Typhoid Fever Vaccine, Safer And More Economical Approach Against A Major Infectious Disea
  48. A Big Bunch Of Tomatoes?
  49. Are Ants That Specialize Better At Their Job?
  50. First Time A Statin's Kidney Benefits Linked To Reduced Cardiovascular Events
  51. Tiny Sacs Released By Brain Tumor Cells Carry Information That May Guide Treatment
  52. Skin cancer vaccine trials to begin
  53. Surprise! I'm Lactating
  54. One More Reason to Quit: Smoking Causes Bladder Cancer
  55. First Ovary Transplant Woman Gives Birth
  56. Increase In Unplanned Pregnancies, Abortions In Indian City Linked To Ban On Over-the-Counter EC Sal
  57. Skin Cancer - Study Shows Novel Light Device Detects Cancerous Lesions From Normal Tissue
  58. Environment Causes Increase In Multiple Sclerosis Among Women Only
  59. Four-type HPV Vaccine Gardasil(R) Is Also Effective In Men
  60. Soy Protein's Ability To Lower Cholesterol Confirmed, Possible Mechanism Of Action Described
  61. Tackling Bone Rot From Inside The Genes
  62. The Truth About Sweeteners - Moms Express Nutrition Concerns, Yet Real Culprits Overlooked
  63. HIV'S Disguises No Match For 'Bionic Assassins'
  64. Why HIV Treatment Makes People So Susceptible To Heart Disease And Diabetes
  65. Newspapers Examine Possible HIV/AIDS Treatment Through Bone Marrow Transplant
  66. Assisted Reproduction Linked To Higher Birth Defects
  67. Curry Spice Curcumin And Parkinson's Disease? Protects Against A53T Alpha-synuclein-induced Toxicity
  68. Rheumatoid Arthritis - Cimzia(R) Studies Show Significant Clinical Benefits For Mono- And Combinatio
  69. Extending Chemotherapy Improves Control Of Lung Cancer
  70. McIndoe Purchase Europe's First Carbon Fibre Operating Table For Obese Patients
  71. Role Of Vitamin D In Cancer Therapy Clarified By Study
  72. Calcium May Only Protect Against Colorectal Cancer In Presence Of Magnesium
  73. New Bacteria Discovered In Raw Milk
  74. Measure Your Waist to Save Your Life
  75. Anorexia Changes Bone Structure
  76. Brain Conditions Benefit When Guard is Down
  77. Vertigo in Méničre's Responds to Time, Surgery
  78. Women Outlive Men During Lung Cancer Trials
  79. Bariatric Surgery May Decrease Pregnancy Complication Risks
  80. Bevacizumab Increases VTE (venous thromboembolism ) Risk
  81. Crafting Your Image For Your 1,000 Friends On Facebook Or MySpace
  82. Will Glaucoma Be The First Neurodegenerative Disease To Be Cured?
  83. "Tan Jab" Is An Unlicensed Medicine And May Not Be Safe - Warns Medicines Regulator
  84. International Team Finds Gene Associated With Epilepsy
  85. Experts Say New Tobacco Product Targets Young Adults
  86. First Simulation Of The The Ageing Process
  87. World-First Network Linking Experts In Proteomics And Metabolomics
  88. New Technologies Gearing Up To Meet Rising Demand For Vital Malaria Drugs
  89. Patients Use Touchscreen Technology To Record Pain And Distress
  90. Some Pregnancy-Related Complications Minimized For Women Who Have Had Weight-Loss Surgery
  91. Smokers Should Eat Broccoli
  92. Gingko Biloba: No Impact on Dementia
  93. Diagenic Announces Launch of First Breast Cancer Gene-Expression Blood Test
  94. Researchers examines working couple's retirement patterns
  95. Sexuality and nursing home residents
  96. Cancer Drug Avastin Raised Risk Of Blood Clots, Study
  97. Indian Law Criminalizing Homosexuality Remains 'Major Obstacle' In Fight Against HIV/AIDS, Piot Says
  98. Higher protein meals help keep the fat away
  99. Garlic drug treats diabetes
  100. Systems biology brings hope of speeding up drug development
  101. Ten years after tobacco master settlement agreement, much work to be done to combat tobacco use
  102. Toughen Dermal Filler Warnings
  103. American Teenager Survives 4 Months Without Heart
  104. Genetic Testing For Diabetes Type 2 Still In Its Infancy
  105. Adults Need Vaccines Too
  106. Peripheral Fat Breakdown Undermined By Bad Cholesterol
  107. A Healthy Diet On A Slim Food Budget - Tips From Rush University Medical Center
  108. Children Of Centenarians Live Longer, Have Lower Risk Of Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes
  109. Neurons Derived From Embryonic Stem Cells Restore Muscle Function After Injury
  110. Doctors Help Boy With Giant Hand
  111. Getting to the Bottom of Common Pain Myths
  112. Breast Cancer Drug Raises Blood Clot Risk, Should Have 'Black Box' Warning, JAMA Study Says
  113. Carbon nanotubes improve protein array detection limits
  114. Targeted nanoparticles boost platinum-based anticancer therapy
  115. Brain Reorganizes To Adjust For Loss Of Vision
  116. Surgeons Perform World's First Pediatric Robotic Bladder Reconstruction
  117. Parents Leave Kids With 'Safe Haven' Loophole
  118. Inhaler Technique A Major Concern
  119. Painless, Non-Invasive And Inexpensive Test For Colon Cancer
  120. A Key Question For The Uterine Muscles In Pregnancy: To Contract Or Not
  121. Scientists Discover New Species Of Ebola Virus
  122. Early Warning System To Predict Flash Floods
  123. Uncertainty Can Be More Stressful Than Clear Negative Feedback
  124. Aquarobics For Pregnant Women Makes For A Less Painful Delivery
  125. Aquarobics For Pregnant Women Makes For A Less Painful Delivery
  126. Man Says His Dog Detected His Skin Cancer
  127. 'Urgent Need' For HPV Vaccine In Developing World, Opinion Piece Says
  128. Tumor Formation May Be Spurred By The Misreading Of Damaged DNA
  129. Immune System Tricked In Diabetic Mice
  130. Light drinking has certain health benefits, researchers look at why
  131. Exposure to Dioxin linked to increased heart problems
  132. Doctors Found Live Worm in Woman's Brain
  133. Snoring In Children May Stunt Growth
  134. Eliminating Soda From School Diets Does Not Affect Overall Consumption
  135. Ability To Quit Smoking May Depend On A.D.H.D. Symptoms
  136. Heart Patients Are Often Not Treated In Accordance With Guidelines
  137. Does Hormone Treatment Predispose Patients To Breast Cancer?
  138. Timing Is Everything When It Comes To Childhood Asthma
  139. Neurological Health Risk In Children With Blunt Head Injuries: Fashion Hair Beads
  140. Good Mood Lets You Look Beyond Daily Grind
  141. For Lung Cancer Iressa Proves Just As Effective As Chemotherapy
  142. Holmium Laser Enucleation Of The Prostate-Outcomes Independent Of Prostate Size?
  143. Bad Breath Linked To Bacteria That Cause Stomach Ulcer And Cancer
  144. Male Reproductive Toxicology
  145. Weight Loss Surgery Helps Obese Women Have Healthier Pregnancies, Infants
  146. Medical Treatment Breaking Ground In Treating Carotid Disease
  147. The Health Benefits Of Genomics
  148. Does Hard Water Cause Eczema? Kids Aged 6 To 16 Sought To Take Part In A Study - England
  149. Why Women Should Eat Less, Move More
  150. Hybrid Technology Offers Chance Of Detecting Cancer And Other Diseases At Inception
  151. Real-Life Stories Of Diabetes Success - American Diabetes Association
  152. Statins Reduce The Rate Of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Rupture
  153. Smokeless tobacco products target youth
  154. Smoking: A Genetic Addiction
  155. Spinal Fusion Procedure Relieves Back Pain
  156. Explain Mystery of 'Face Blindness'
  157. High-protein meals may help overweight burn fat
  158. Fibromyalgia patients show brain abnormalities
  159. Wikipedia often omits important drug information
  160. Telephone counseling may keep the pounds off
  161. Carotid Endarterectomy Is Better Than Carotid Artery Stenting
  162. Major discovery in the control of bad cholesterol
  163. Neurons in adult brain can remodel their connections
  164. Seychelles flies could reveal evolutionary step to live birth
  165. Mortality declines as same-sex marriage endures
  166. Mammograms May Identify Cancers That Would Otherwise Just Regress
  167. Microcapsules Act As "Roach Motel" To Kill Harmful Bacteria - ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
  168. Mineral Oil Contamination In Humans: A Health Problem?
  169. Diesel Exhaust Linked To Risk Of Progressive Lung Disease (COPD)
  170. Indonesian Province Considers Electronic Tagging Of Some People With HIV/AIDS
  171. Synthetic Sea Worm Glue May Mend Shattered Knee, Face Bones
  172. Gene Mutation May Cause Immature Lungs In Newborns
  173. Presence Of Gum Disease May Help Dentists And Physicians Identify Those At Increased Risk For Cardio
  174. 'Roach Motel' For Nasty Bugs Of The Bacterial Variety Built By Scientists
  175. Non-Invasive Device Mimics Effects Of Gastric Bypass, Alters Complex Gastrointestinal Signals In Ani
  176. Inactivity Linked To Increased Cardiovascular Risk In Depressed Heart Patients
  177. Shedding Light On Evolution Of Gene Regulation
  178. Lung Cancer - NICE Recommends Oral Tarceva(R) (erlotinib) As An Alternative To Intravenous Chemother
  179. 'Bodyguard' Turned Into Killer In Cancer Cells
  180. Allowing Atoms To Spin Out Of Control To Improve MRI Images
  181. Heart Pumps: High Cost, High Mortality In An Emerging Technology
  182. People Wasting Billions Of Pounds On 'Quack' Health Food Products, British Medical Journal
  183. First Step Towards A Healthier Aussie Bloke
  184. Flies May Reveal Evolutionary Step To Live Birth
  185. Study Finds Some Invasive Breast Cancer Tumors Might Regress Without Treatment
  186. Why Does It Take So Long For A Correct Diagnosis Of Pulmonary Hypertension?
  187. Life Is A Highway: Study Confirms Cars Have Personality
  188. Proteins Strangle Cell During Division
  189. Winning by a nose: promising news for spinal cord injury patients
  190. New understanding of processes that regulate genes
  191. Low birth weight linked to risk of infantile hemangioma
  192. Less toxic BMT can cure sickle cell disease
  193. Universal HIV Testing Could Halt AIDS In Epidemic Areas, In Theory
  194. Rates Of New Cases And Deaths From Cancer Down In The US
  195. Papworth Hospital Trial New 'Airway Bypass' For Emphysema Sufferers, England
  196. Caring For An Ailing Spouse May Prolong Your Life
  197. Urine Protein Test Detects Kidney Dysfunction In Transplant Patients
  198. Molecular Partnership Controls Daily Rhythms, Body Metabolism
  199. In Pediatric Cardiology Parents Are The Unsung Heroes
  200. Vitamin K Linked To Insulin Resistance In Older Men
  201. Tamiflu In The Environment
  202. FDA Issues Complete Response Letter For Ceftobiprole For Treatment Of Complicated Skin Infections
  203. Mom Always Said, "Don't Rub Your Eyes." Good Advice For Eye Conditions, Especially Keratoconus
  204. Pictorial Warnings On Tobacco Products Most Likely Postponed 7th Time, India
  205. Sleep Apnoea Frequently The Cause Of Long-Term Sick Leave And Even Loss Of Employment
  206. 18 Year Old Mother Gives Birth To Conjoined Twins, London
  207. Medicine's Next Big Thing? Stroke Stopper
  208. Saving Little Legs -- In-Depth Doctor's Interview
  209. Guts Grow Bones - A surprising new discovery
  210. 10-Pound Hairball Pulled From Girl's Stomach
  211. Separation Planned for Oklahoma Conjoined Twins
  212. Goddess or Medical Marvel?
  213. Kid Takes Key To Eyeball
  214. Alzheimer’s Prevention Found in Grapes
  215. Using Invisibility To Increase Visibility
  216. US study finds no link between fat, protein, and meat diet with kidney cancer
  217. Inhaled Corticosteroids Raise Pneumonia Risk For Lung Disease Sufferers
  218. Kidney Function Discovery Sheds Light On Genetic Complexity Of Disease
  219. Master Gene Plays Key Role In Blood Sugar Levels
  220. Antibiotics Not The Solution For Coughs, Colds And Sore Throats
  221. Are You Well Enough To Visit Sick Patients In Hospital?
  222. Uterine embolization may up risk of subsequent miscarriage
  223. Gum disease tied to worse mental function
  224. Losing belly fat may cut risk of eye disease
  225. Patients Treat Serious Illness as Laughing Matter
  226. Anti-Depressant-Associated Changes In Semen Parameters
  227. Augmented reality and soft tissue navigation improve accuracy
  228. Urine protein test detects kidney dysfunction in transplant patients
  229. Journal describes first paediatric robotic bladder reconstruction done by US doctors
  230. Considering a career in oncology? - Expected oncology workforce shortage
  231. Women Smokers' Longevity Cut By 14.5 Years Because Of Smoking
  232. Winter Brings Flu, Summer Brings Bacterial Infections
  233. Food Intake Shut Down And 'Siesta Mode' Turned On By Newly Identified Molecule
  234. Better Management More Important Than New Drugs For Arthritis
  235. Pill as Effective as Chemo for Lung Cancer
  236. Hope For Conjoined Twins Ends in Heartbreak
  237. Drug firms 'block cheap medicine'
  238. Stop using 'dearie', nurses told
  239. Teens 'miss out' on cancer trials
  240. Mouse Down's 'eased in the womb'
  241. 'Meat intake cut' on cancer fears
  242. FDA sets melamine standard for baby formula
  243. How Do Individuals React To Metabolic Stress? - Genetic Variation In Metabolism Identified
  244. "Pregnant By Choice" Program Provides Family Planning Options - Wyoming Department Of Health
  245. Keeping The Promise To Face HIV Globally And Locally - Wisconsin
  246. Trends in PSA usage amongst United Kingdom urologists
  247. Teaching The Teachers
  248. Diffusion And Perfusion MR Imaging Of The Prostate
  249. Case Of Patient "Cured" Of HIV Baffles Doctors
  250. Soft Plastic Toys Are Health Risk