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  1. The Road to Wasting is Paved with Lost Minerals
  2. Elective Cesarean Delivery Linked to Higher Risk for Infant Respiratory Morbidity
  3. Trial Into French Growth Hormone Scandal Begins
  4. U.S. FDA Looks for 'Boots on the Ground' in China
  5. Limited Fluid Gain May Reduce In-Hospital Mortality in Patients With ALI/ARDS
  6. Long-Term Data Show Sustained Efficacy With Infliximab for Severe Pustular Psoriasis
  7. Frequent Hand Washing May Increase Risk for Contact Dermatitis in Healthcare Workers
  8. Doctors use Wii games for rehab therapy
  9. Depression in Young Doctors Tied to Medication Errors
  10. Trip and fall lately? Tell your doctor
  11. Eye blinks may spot kids with fetal alcohol syndrome
  12. Supersized fast-food leads to obesity
  13. Heart Disease Differs in Women
  14. Stressed to Death: Mental tension ages cells
  15. Boning Up
  16. Pushing the Mood Swings
  17. Pain Management for Newborn Circumcision
  18. 10 Biggest Brain Damaging Habits
  19. Food As Medicine
  20. Vegetables May Boost Brain Power in Older Adults
  21. Rare Cases of Eye Fungus With Contacts
  22. MMR Vaccine Not Linked to Autism in Virologic Case Control Study
  23. Hypertension Trends No Longer Declining in US; Rising in Women
  24. Lack of Data Complicates Treatment Decision Making in Prostate Cancer
  25. Breast Cancer Gene-Expression Assays Show Promise but More Data Are Needed
  26. Aerosol Vaccination Shows Promise in Animal Study
  27. FDA Device Clearances: Venous Blood Collection Device, Cervical Plate System, Laser System
  28. Most Influenza Strains Do Not Match Current Vaccine
  29. Acute Hypertension: An Undertreated Condition
  30. Male-Female Brain Differences
  31. Fixes for Fatty Liver
  32. 'Superbug' deaths could surpass AIDS
  33. Thirst affect the level of intelligence of Rights
  34. 4 health behaviors can add 14 extra years of life
  35. Research identifies sirtuin protein instrumental in fat production and metabolism
  36. Emergency Department Procedural Sedation with Propofol: Is it Safe?
  37. Recovery After Abdominal Surgery: Is Early Feeding Preferable? A Best Evidence Review
  38. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
  39. Hydrocephalus
  40. Natalizumab May Cause Significant Liver Injury
  41. Low-Dose Vasopressin May Not Improve Survival in Septic Shock
  42. Penumbra Aspiration Device Safe, Effective for Recanalization in Stroke
  43. Fractures, Spine Osteoarthritis Inversely Linked With Osteoporosis
  44. Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Reaches New High
  45. Malaria Can Be Beaten in Many Places, Map Shows
  46. Economic Consequences of Early Breast Cancer Treatment Often Severe
  47. Sinus headaches
  48. Spinal headaches
  49. National Osteoporosis Foundation Issues Guidelines for Osteoporosis Management
  50. Calcitriol May Improve Survival in Predialysis Chronic Kidney Disease
  51. CHIPPS: Immediate Blood Pressure Lowering After Stroke May Reduce Mortality
  52. Osteoporotic Fractures Index May Help Predict Risk for Falls
  53. Hemorrhoid Management Reviewed
  54. American Diabetes Association Updates Guidelines for Medical Nutrition Therapy
  55. Breast Cancer Risk Remains After Stopping HRT
  56. A Step Closer to Gene-Guided Warfarin Dosing?
  57. Guidelines Issued for Diagnosis and Management of von Willebrand's Disease
  58. Tendon Problems a Possible Adverse Effect of Statin Therapy
  59. High Suicide Rate in Anorexia Linked to Lethal Methods, Not Fragile Health
  60. Multiple Gene Variants Predispose to Methamphetamine Dependence
  61. China's Economic Prosperity Parallels Rising Stroke Rate
  62. Weight Loss Common in Stroke Survivors
  63. Sunless tanning: A safe alternative to sunbathing
  64. Morgellons disease: Managing a mysterious skin condition
  65. Moisturizers 101: The basics of softer skin
  66. Cold remedies: What works, what doesn't, what can't hurt
  67. An efficient response in primary care would reduce the use of hospitals by elderly people
  68. New Clinical Data Further Supports Chromium Picolinate's Role in Enhancing Brain Activity in Older A
  69. Lung Age May Motivate Smokers to Quit Smoking
  70. New Pharmacologic Guideline Issued for Treatment of Dementia
  71. Do anti anxiety drugs help lower blood pressure?
  72. Neurology India - July~September 2007
  73. Home bipolar disorder test causes stirs
  74. Writing 'eases stress of cancer'
  75. Dental Radiology
  76. Need for Blood Transfusions reduced
  77. The History of Vaccination
  78. Diagnosis of the Famous Dead
  79. Pain, the Disease
  80. Survival of quake victims depends on many factors
  81. Diabetic Ketoacidosis: Still Serious After All These Years
  82. MRSA-Related Abscess
  83. Revisiting Rabies
  84. When Your Patient Has an Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator
  85. Update on Hypertension in Special Populations
  86. Unusual Causes of Recurrent Abdominal Pain
  87. Recognizing Adverse Reactions to Antibiotics
  88. Recognizing and Managing Thoracic Empyema
  89. Office Management of Common Anorectal Problems
  90. Avoiding Serious Drug Interactions
  91. Troponins: The New Cardiac Markers of Choice
  92. Eleven Common Myths About Pain Control
  93. Is Cholesterol-Lowering Therapy Worthwhile in the Elderly?
  94. How Serious Is That Sore Throat?
  95. Secondary Headaches: A Strategic Approach
  96. Managing Closed Head Injury
  97. Clinical Cirrhosis: The Spectrum of Danger
  98. Pericarditis: Putting the Pieces Together
  99. Antithrombotic Therapies in Acute Coronary Syndrome
  100. Critical Considerations In Cervical Spine Injury
  101. Fat Finding Reveals Why Diets Don't Work
  102. To Be or Not To Be a Doctor
  103. Identifying and Treating the Methamphetamine Abuser
  104. The Diagnostic Role of Central Venous Pressure
  105. How to Evaluate the Patient with Syncope
  106. To Be or Not To Be a Doctor
  107. New HIV Treatment Guidelines Issued
  108. Panel Recommends Using Hb A1C to Screen for Diabetes
  109. Alexander technique offers back pain relief
  110. Sleep-deprived teenagers risk health
  111. HbA1c Tied to Cardiovascular Risks in Patients With Symptomatic HF
  112. Angiotensin II Blockade May Reduce Risk of Skin Carcinoma
  113. Facts about FFP-"Fresh Frozen Plasma"
  114. Exercise May Improve Cognition in Adults With Memory Impairment
  115. Nocturnal Enuresis and Alarm Therapy
  116. Heart Diseases
  117. Facts and Figures - (Brain_Blood Supply_Neuron_Spinal Cord_Sensory Apparatus)
  118. Arthritic Disorders
  119. Pulmonary Embolism
  120. Infectious Disorders
  121. Basics of the Brain
  122. Vitamin C Supplements May Reduce Benefit From Wide Range Of Anticancer Drugs
  123. Update: Bowel Preparation for Elective Intestinal Surgery: Evidence vs. Practice
  124. Why Men Fall Asleep After Sex
  125. New Study Examines Effective Colorectal Cancer Screening Tests
  126. New Prenatal Blood Test For Down Syndrome
  127. Cough, cold drugs not for kids under 4, makers say
  128. Climate Change Likely To Spread "Deadly Dozen" Diseases
  129. Emergency Medicine: Treatment of Radiological Casualties: Update of Current Concepts
  130. Update: Progress on Colon Cancer Screening
  131. Update: Uterine Leiomyomas and Pregnancy - Case Repot
  132. Chicken legs may control high blood pressure: study
  133. Non-Surgical Weight Loss
  134. Genomic Analysis Finds New Bad Actor for Baldness
  135. Tiny Electrical Stimulator Eases Rare Headache
  136. More Aggressive Vitamin D Treatment May Be Needed in Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis
  137. DNA Could Reveal Your Surname - Research By University Of Leicester
  138. "Grandma's Penicillin" Also May Help High Blood Pressure
  139. Prevention of Rickets and Vitamin D
  140. Antigen-Carrying Bacteria Prime Immune System Against Melanoma
  141. Spotting Eye Disease Sooner
  142. Smoking Takes the Joy Out of Life
  143. Infidelity dissected: New research on why people cheat
  144. Sexism pays: Study finds men who hold traditional views of women earn more than men who don't
  145. Loneliness undermines health as well as mental well-being
  146. Daddy, I'm in love... and he looks just like you!
  147. How accurate is your memory?
  148. How to get a college roommate you can live with
  149. Trouble quitting?: New smoking study may reveal why
  150. Adults easily fooled by children's false denials
  151. Men worry more about penile size than women says six-decade research review
  152. What happens when the mind wanders?
  153. Nagging Spouse? You May Have An Excuse For Not Responding
  154. Humans appear hardwired to learn by 'over-imitation'
  155. Warning over polyclinics and super-surgeries
  156. Older adults can take medicines more safely and effectively by charting their daily routines
  157. Two sides of the same Coin: Money spurs changes for better and worse
  158. Can't Take My Eyes Off You: New Study Shows The Power Of Attraction
  159. Parents can play an active role in the identity formation of their adolescent children
  160. Study finds mom's beliefs may impact their kids' alcohol use
  161. Why we don't always learn from our mistakes
  162. 10,000 Chinese children still sick from milk
  163. New study proves that pain is not a symptom of arthritis, pain causes arthritis
  164. New test could help catch serious infections in babies
  165. Children's asthma affected by parental expectations
  166. Bottled water has contaminants too, study finds
  167. Latest warning highlights dangers of microwaving
  168. Post-term pregnancies risk infant's life and health, studies show
  169. Heart Attacks Occur More in the Morning, Experts Say
  170. Guidelines urge physical activity during pregnancy
  171. 6 environmental research studies reveal critical health risks from plastic
  172. Scientists warn US Congress of cancer risk for cell phone use
  173. Vitamin supplement little more than 'snake oil'
  174. New pill would eliminate menstruation
  175. Aspirin -- just for men?
  176. A plastic pill for periodontal problems
  177. Why don't blood group antibodies cross the placenta and kill the baby
  178. Study Shows How Proteins Permit Entry To A Cell - Article Date: 17 Oct 2008
  179. New Skin Disorder Caused By Mobile Phones Discovered - 'mobile Phone Dermatitis'
  180. Aspirin Does Not Prevent Heart Attacks In Diabetes Patients
  181. Common Sweetener Found In Many Foods Leads To Leptin Resistance
  182. Smell of Smoke Does Not Make Ex-Smoker Light Up Again
  183. Polycarbonate Baby Bottles Containing Bisphenol A To Be Banned In Canada
  184. Vaccines Are Important Prevention Tools At Every Age
  185. Study Finds Best Treatment For Common Childhood Eye Problem
  186. Prepared Patient: Can Hospital Report Cards Help You?
  187. Importance Of E-health Application At The Point Of Care
  188. Couples with children with ADHD at risk of higher divorce rates, shorter marriages
  189. Outsourcing Healthcare
  190. Effects Of Fatness And Fitness On White Blood Cell Counts
  191. Sleep deprived? Try a nap
  192. Unsponsored websites give best surgery info
  193. A powerful antioxidant in green tea may prevent or delay the onset of type 1 diabetes
  194. The new ELISpot blood test for TB Patients
  195. Obesity Drug Rimonabant Yanked in Europe
  196. For Hair Removal Two Lasers Are Not Better than One
  197. Cut the Stress, Simplify Your Life
  198. How To Protect Your Teeth And Gums?
  199. Physicians Can Now Predict Mild To Severe Baldness
  200. Eating grapes could help to fight high blood pressure
  201. Link Between Stored 'Old Blood' And Infection
  202. Link Found Between Obesity And Erectile Dysfunction
  203. Scientists Identify Cell Changes Leading To Impaired 'Artificial Kidney' Function
  204. WHO IS A GOOD DOCTOR? (Donít laugh by seeing this silly Question)
  205. Illness, aging may not change end-of-life choices
  206. How To Stop Winter From Weathering Your Skin
  207. Senior Citizens' Alert: Ten Ways To Avoid Winter Hazards
  208. Some Have Allergic Gut Inflammation After Consuming Rice
  209. Mystery Bones: Doctors don't fully understand how our bones heal after a break or fracture.
  210. Wines Found Contaminated With Metals -Hazardous and pro-oxidant metal ions were found in the wines s
  211. Monitoring Broken Bones Without Using Electronics - A Wireless Bone Monitor
  212. Hormone may act Like Insulin
  213. Eating Fish May Protect Diabetics Against Kidney Disease
  214. Testosterone Modestly Boosted Sex Drive In Post-Menopausal Women
  215. Wireless Based Healthcare Is Essential In Digital Cities
  216. New Equation Provides More Accurate Estimates Of Kidney Function
  217. Seven Years Without A Nose
  218. Gout May Protect Against Risk of Parkinson's Disease
  219. ASN: Extended Dosing of Epoetin Alfa Appears Effective for Anemia in CKD
  220. Bullies may enjoy seeing others in pain
  221. Children's Hospital study demonstrates how bone marrow transplant can cure sickle cell disease
  222. The Future For Medical Diagnostics Is Gold Nanostars
  223. The Future For Medical Diagnostics Is Gold Nanostars
  224. Recommendations For Women To Improve Their Quality Of Life After Breast Cancer Treatment
  225. When The Neighbor's Noise Makes Its Way Through The Walls
  226. Baby due as a result of first ever whole ovary transplant
  227. Medical devices must go lead-free
  228. Wonder drug hope for heart patients
  229. Alternative health treatments get a boost from WHO
  230. Alternative health treatments get a boost from WHO
  231. Twins born from 13-year-old frozen sperm
  232. Transition from CFC to HFA asthma inhalers
  233. Rising triglyceride levels may be behind rising rates of obesity
  234. Incontinence: Millions Suffer Unnecessarily
  235. Why heart attacks and strokes occur most often in early morning hours?
  236. Heart's surplus energy may help power pacemakers, defibrillators
  237. ASN: Children With Non-Urologic Chronic Kidney Disease at Increased Anemia Risk
  238. Doctors Need Insurance For New Mental Capacity Assessments Warns Medical Defence Union, UK
  239. Less Sleep May Predict Heart Risk in Elderly
  240. Kidney Stones May Pave the Way to Chronic Kidney Disease
  241. Greater thinking, learning and memory abilities delay symptoms of Alzheimer's disease
  242. Babies who receive incubator care have lower risk of depression as adults
  243. Rheumatoid Arthritis Breakthrough - Plos Biology
  244. Eye Conditions Linked With Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  245. Bladder Dysfunction After Artificial Urinary Sphincter Insertion
  246. British Teenager Wins Right To Refuse Heart Transplant
  247. Only 40% Of Emergency Room Cases Are True Transient Ischemic Attacks - 3 Clinical Features Identifie
  248. Overuse Of Antibiotics May Make More Bacteria Drug-resistant
  249. Can A Virus Be Forced To Mutate Itself Out Of Existence?
  250. Medicine, math and engineering combine to reveal how sepsis and less severe infections occur