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  1. Is Premarital Sex Right Or Wrong?
  2. Result in Percentage or in Percentile..??
  3. Is it fair to extend the medical course by a year for compulsory rural service?
  4. Do you think drug companies influence doctors' prescribing habits?
  5. Should medical research using animals be banned?
  6. Should all inpatients be screened for AIDS?
  7. Has bringing doctors under the purview of the Consumer Protection Act resulted in better health care
  8. Should Euthanasia (mercy killing) be legalised in India
  9. Should recertification of doctors made compulsory after every 5 years
  10. Is AIDS getting too much media attention at the expense of more common diseases like TB and malaria?
  11. Would you go in for LASIK surgery for short sightedness?
  12. Do you think the Domestic Violence Bill will make any difference to marital relations?
  13. Which Is More Important, Theoretical Knowledge or Practical Skills?
  14. Do you CRY during Your Exams..??
  15. Do Americans Think Doctor Job is Prestigious?
  16. Does the Doctor-Patient Relationship Mean More to Doctors than Patients?
  17. "Medical Science has been so successful that people now expect too much of it" --Discuss.?
  18. Do anti anxiety drugs help lower blood pressure?
  19. Do you think tax exemption for setting up private hospitals in small towns is justified?
  20. Ethicists Debate Ambulance for Organs
  21. pg in INDIA or USMLE
  22. Dad's Age Plays Role in Fertility...wt do u thnk??
  23. Treatment of Guillain Barré (Urgent)
  24. Should the USA health system move to a Single Payer?
  25. Why should any child have Newborn Screening in India?
  26. Is The Future Of Healthcare Wireless? Debate, England
  27. When Should A Doctor Retire?
  28. What To Do With An Old Space Shuttle? Need A Lawn Ornament? Any Idias?
  29. Should Women Get The Pill Without Doctors? - what do you say?
  30. Darwin stole ideas from rival?
  31. As Darwin approaches 200, we ask: Did his Big Idea really change our world?
  32. Iguanas shed light on evolution
  33. Why bladder cancer is deadlier for some
  34. Einstein, Churchill were not dyslexic, says expert
  35. Should a woman change her surname after marriage?
  36. What The Public Expects Of The Modern Physician?
  37. Can payment and other innovations improve the quality and value of health care?
  38. Does temptation really weaken our will to resist?
  39. Why don't more animals change their sex?
  40. The Irony Of Harmony: Why Positive Interactions May Sometimes Be Negative
  41. Are we selling personalized medicine before its time?
  42. Could remote drug delivery devices be hacked?
  43. Debate over fertility treatment
  44. Is It Safe For The Blind To Use Insulin Pens?
  45. Is dengue vaccine safe for patients?
  46. Can a doctor renegotiate his fees just 30 minutes before he is to perform a surgery?
  47. Controversy Over World’s Oldest Traces Of Life
  48. Why Didn’t Darwin Discover Mendel’s Laws?
  49. Is technology killing your love life?
  50. Are Prostate Cancer Tests Worth the Trauma?
  51. Is it really only our kidneys that control blood pressure?
  52. Outsourcing Medical Device Development
  53. New Debate on Prostate Cancer Screening
  54. Is Parenting A Joy Or A Trial?
  55. Rewriting history: Did Africans reach New World with Columbus?
  56. Breast cancer: To screen or not to screen?
  57. Regime’s side effects are outweighing the benefits?
  58. Vegetarianism & beyond
  59. The social burden of longer lives
  60. Theory V/s Practice
  61. Harrison Should Be Benned In Ug?/
  62. Electrotherapy not in use Why?
  63. MCI's Vision 2015: Manufacturing Doctors
  64. Is Endosulfan really as hazardous as potrayed?
  65. Most common diagnoses in primary care practices
  66. how does venous drainage occur after stripping of vein in varicose vein surgery....
  67. how will u record ecg in a person whose lower limbs are amputated
  68. Gender divison in two opposites is greatest mistake of mankind
  69. Is Premarital Blood Test or Diagnosis is necessary before Wedding . . . .?
  70. Infertility issues - ivf treatment - in vitro fertilization