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  5. Contact lenses purchased over Internet may place individuals at risk for harmful eyecare practices
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  11. The ultimate quick fix: simultaneous bilateral cataract surgery
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  13. Beta-Carotene Supplementation Does Not Affect Risk for Age-Related Maculopathy
  14. Ophthalmology Clinics, 2002 - 2006
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  16. Robot Surgical Systems - Advantages and Disadvantages
  17. One of a Kind Eye Treatment
  18. Drastically Reducing Lazy Eye Treatment Times
  19. How light sensors in eye work
  20. FDA Announces Class I Recall Of Ophthalmic Surgical Device
  21. Sunlight can help children avoid myopia
  22. Glaucoma - The "Sneak Thief Of Sight" - Can Lead To Vision Loss
  23. Space-age fibre optic to help detect cataract
  24. Paintballs can cause 'devastating' eye injuries
  25. Tweak ear's hair to protect hearing loss
  26. Researchers describe protease inhibitor that may aid in diabetic retinopathy treatment
  27. Vision Tests For Older Drivers Not Proven To Prevent Crashes
  28. Do-it-yourself glasses to put opticians out of work?
  29. Team led by Scripps Scientists increases understanding of two types of blindness
  30. Long-Sought Protein Structure May Help Reveal How ‘Gene Switch’ Works
  31. 'Contact lens to double as TV in 10 years'
  32. Genetic factors cause vision loss?
  33. Vigorous Exercise May Help Prevent Vision Loss
  34. Many children with hearing loss also have eye disorders
  35. Oak Ridge technology can save vision
  36. Vitamin B and folic acid may reduce risk of age-related vision loss
  37. 'Dark Cells' of Living Retina Imaged for the First Time
  38. Rare surgery: Bionic eye gives blind man 'sight'
  39. Clues To Beating Hearing Loss
  40. Critical Switch In Eye Development Discovered
  41. Genetic sleuth solves glaucoma mystery