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  1. See and Diagnose...
  2. Acute Onset Fever & Abdominal Pain in a 44yrs /F
  3. what's the cuz of her obstruction??
  4. neck swelling
  5. Great Case
  6. Present your case in Surgery
  7. A Rare Case of Embolic Spondylo-Discitis After Treatment of Aortic Valve Endocarditis
  8. A Fresh Face Made Him a New Man
  9. A New Valve with No Open-Heart -- In-Depth Doctors Interview
  10. Bartholin Gland Duct Marsupialization : A Surgical Procedure
  11. Pentalogy of Cantrell - The patient was a 28-year-old G2P0, with dates confirmed by a 12-week sonogr
  12. A 35-year-old woman complains of a 2-month history of hoarseness of her voice and some choking while
  13. Which of the following muscles is most important to allow air movement through the larynx?
  14. Can a Simple Checklist Dramatically Lower Surgical Errors?
  15. Robo-surgery: As safe and capable as a human assistant in key-hole gallbladder removal
  16. Virtual reality: Keyhole surgeons training could help meet European working time directives
  17. Which Is the Right Diagnosis in a Two-Year-Old With Right Atrial Hypertrophy and a Ventricular Block
  18. Treating appendicitis by laparoscopic surgery may not be worth the cost
  19. Surgery Improves Use of Artificial Arms
  20. Now, bypass without cutting a single bone
  21. Cancer Treatment Kills Tumors by 'Cooking'
  22. Diseased Heart Valve Replaced Through Small Chest Incision On 91-Year-Old Patient
  23. Sleeve Gastrectomy gains popularity in India
  24. 'A Frontier of Medicine': Brain Surgery for Weight Loss
  25. A 26-Year-Old Man With Abdominal Pain
  26. A 21-Year-Old Man With an Interesting Radiologic Finding
  27. pass or fail?
  28. Diaphragmatic Hernia with Video