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  1. Revised Malaria Control Strategy 2006 2010
  2. Demographic Study of a family[My Presentation]
  3. Bmi
  4. Latest Immunization Guide
  5. RNTCP - At A Glance
  6. Tb India - 2007
  7. All About Polio Vaccine...India...!!
  8. This you must know about FLUOROSIS ERADICATION in India
  9. DOTS Plus in GUJARAT
  10. Infection Management and Environment Plan (IMEP)
  11. JSY- Janani Suraksha Yojana..
  12. How to determine Iodine Level of Salt..
  13. What is AYUSH..???
  14. What Is GATHER Approach..?
  15. All About MALARIA..!!
  16. Double Fortified Salt..
  17. Medical Officer's MANUAL..!!
  18. Latest National Programme In India..
  19. Functions of health workers ..INDIA..
  20. IYCF-Infant and Young Child Feeding
  21. Mental Health Act,1987..(india)
  22. All about NRHM..!
  23. National Iodine Deficiency Disorders Control Programme
  24. Rodent Borne Diseases..!!
  25. Sexually Transmitted Infections Treatment Guidelines
  26. All NFHS-3 Presentations..!!
  27. All About Adolescent Health In India..!!
  28. Sexually transmitted disease [A-Z Updated]
  29. Com.med lecture on various com.diseases.
  30. Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative..!!
  31. Chiranjeevi Yojana..!!..( For Medicos in Gujarat )
  32. National Population Policy-2000 ( INDIA )
  33. National Blood Policy (India)
  34. Breastfeeding In HIV Positive Mother
  35. Chickenpox
  36. Avian Influenza
  37. 11th Five Year Plan in INDIA..!!
  38. National Health Policy-2002 ( INDIA )
  39. Socio-economic Classification ( India )
  40. INDIA's Health System Profile
  41. Latest Data of Health Indicators In INDIA
  42. Health Management Information System In INDIA
  43. All About ASHA (INDIA)
  44. CNAA-Community Needs Assessment Approach
  45. All about Vision 2020
  46. Contraception
  47. Health Legislation In India
  48. Hardy-Weinberg Law for Population Genetics
  49. Global Warming Could Cause 5 Million Illnesses: WHO
  50. Development of AIDS vaccine -- Chiron Corp in talks with four Indian cos
  51. Antidepressants Help HIV-Infected Patients Stick to Treatment
  52. Global Outbreak Of Bird Flu Warning By Chinese Scientist
  53. India To March Ahead in The Global HealthCare Competition
  54. Prevent Global Warming by Becoming A Vegetarian
  55. Alarming childhood obesity stats: 1 in 5 pre-schoolers fat
  56. Diabetes On A Steady Alarming Rise From The Past 20 Years
  57. Processed Meat, Diabetes connection Found
  58. Birth And Death Registration : Overview
  59. NRHM- Hope or Disappointment..??
  60. Schedules Revised for Flu, Meningitis Vaccines
  61. U.S. Preventive Medicine(R) Predicts Robust Growth Ahead
  62. Human Papilloma Virus vaccines may decrease chances of oral cancer
  63. WHO Declares Vietnam First Country to Control SARS
  64. Man against HIV new vaccine ready for human trials
  65. Entomology Slides
  66. Observations Made For The Leakage
  67. Annual flu shot cuts need for doctors' visits, hospitalization among children
  68. Water Soluble Vitamins - Fat Soluble Vitamins
  69. Visible Fat VS Invisible Fat
  70. Components of Job Training Course of Anganwadi Workers
  71. Sentinel Surveillance
  72. Post exposure prophylaxis in different diseases
  73. Local Environmental Issues [Urbanization hazards]
  74. U. S. Food Safety: Protect Yourself Against Food Poisoning
  75. Ca cervix vs Ca uterus
  76. PCPNDT Act
  77. Diabetes' Health Toll Hits $174 Billion Annually
  78. Nutritive Value of Indian Foods
  79. Sanitation of Fairs and Festivals
  80. ROME Programme
  81. USDA Table of Nutrient Retention Factors
  82. The Behaviour Change Counselling
  83. Contraception for adolescents
  84. Revised Compensation for Family Planning
  85. National Rural Health Mission ( 2005-2012 ) - Complete Document
  86. World Health Statistics 2008
  87. Epidemiology for the Uninitiated
  88. Epidemiology - Herpes Infection
  89. Black Death - (Bubonic Plague)
  90. Black Magic And Evil Eye
  91. recent epidemiological data needed
  92. Management of Acinetobacter baumannii Reviewed
  93. Klebsiella species - Infection Management & Treatment
  94. Anti-malaria shot may be reality in 4 yrs
  95. Diagnosis, epidemiology and control of canine Leishmania infection
  96. Epidemic Typhus - Diagnosis and Treatment
  97. Ring Vaccination vs. Mass Vaccination
  98. Meningitis - the current controversies and topics of interest
  99. Peopling of India, Demographic History, Global Genetic History, Mitochondrial DNA Base Sequences
  100. How Does Seasonal Flu Differ From Pandemic Flu?
  101. How significant is pneumococcal disease?
  102. The Potential Use of Autopsy for Continuous Quality Improvement in Hospice and Palliative Care
  103. Genital human papillomavirus (HPV) - Symptomps and Potential Health Consequences
  104. Biologists Learn Structure, Mechanism Of Powerful 'Molecular Motor' In Virus
  105. Lymphatic filariasis
  106. GPs Told How To Prepare For Flu Pandemic
  107. Preparing For Pandemic Influenza What You Can Do
  108. What is the infectious agent & causes cytomegalovirus infection?
  109. Chickenpox (Varicella): Symptoms, Causes, Signs, Treatment
  110. Toxoplasmosis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
  111. Malaria Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment
  112. Lyme Disease : Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Diagnosis and Prevention ...
  113. Marijuana: InfoFacts
  114. India's Demographic Trends
  115. Hospital Acquired Infections
  116. Complications Of Malaria
  117. Breakthrough To Treat Malaria: Scientists Deactivate Malaria Parasite's Digestive Machinery
  118. Natural, Alternative Insect Repellent As Effective As DEET, Study Shows
  119. New test may help to ensure that dengue vaccines do no harm
  120. Herpesvirus: To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate Scientists Weigh Risks and Benefits
  121. Safer Dengue Vaccines
  122. New Test May Help To Ensure That Dengue Vaccines Do No Harm
  123. CDC Releases New U.S. Cancer Statistics
  124. Malaria parasite zeroes in on molecule to enhance its survival, team finds
  125. WHO: Guidelines for safe recreational Water(Swimming Pool)
  126. Nirogi Bal Varsh
  127. Rabies caused by dog bites curable
  128. Malaria Immunity Trigger Found for Multiple Mosquito Species
  129. Rabies Deaths From Dog Bites Could Be Eliminated Globally
  130. 'Mass vaccination must to prevent cervical cancer'
  131. ICDS - my own prep..
  132. Community Medicine : Last Moment Revision
  133. THe New RNTCP guidelines
  134. Current Statistics.
  135. PreTest Preventive Medicine and Public Health
  136. Non-Respiratory Function of Lung
  137. FAQ : Persons required to register the Birth/Death in India