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  1. Burn...Illustrative(Rule Of Nine)
  2. Coroner & Coroner's Inquest
  3. Burn-Forensic
  4. Code Of Medical Ethics
  5. Snake Bites
  6. Study material[ A must for exam going ]
  7. Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy
  8. Forensic Reports
  9. Lecture Notes in Forensic Medicine
  10. Study Finds Doctors Not Reporting Medical Mistakes
  11. Childhood Abuse Increases the Risk of Alcoholism
  12. Dust, air, water sources of lead
  13. Forensic Pathology - Guide
  14. Molding Fingerprints - Materials Chemists Apply Photonic Crystals to Forensics
  15. Novel Forensic Technique To Be Applied To Decade-old Murder Probe
  16. Criminals Who Eat Processed Foods More Likely To Be Discovered, Through Fingerprint Sweat Corroding
  17. Autopsy (Post Mortem Examination, Obduction)
  18. Researchers develop a new technique to date forensic death based on corpse microorganisms
  19. FORENSIC MEDICINE & TOXICOLOGY: Last moment revisions
  20. Madicolegal importance at various age [India]