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  1. cardiology - part 1-congenital heart disease
  2. chd -2
  3. Alcohol in cold temperature..
  4. rheumatic fever
  5. qs on mitral stenosis
  6. Differnce B/w 2 A New
  7. difference b/w 2
  8. Spot diagnosis!!!
  9. AIDS & Rhumatoid Arthritis!!!
  10. difference bet restrictive & constrictive cadiomyopathy?
  11. Test of Pulmonary Function Tests!!!
  12. tetany in a normocalcemic person!!!
  13. management of pheoctyochroma?
  14. hypertension in thyrotoxicosis?
  15. 1234? :)
  16. Head-low and Head-up position?
  17. An interesting question?
  18. Lead Reversal Or Dextrocardia
  19. Where To Look For P Wave Pathology On Ekg
  20. fastest way of looking for axis on ekg
  21. A thousand headaches a year
  22. Farmer with an itch
  23. How to examine the sensitive patient?
  24. which sided pleural effusion has better prognosis n y
  25. lingual thyroid
  26. ratoionale of thyroxine
  27. significance of thyroglobulin antibobodies
  28. What is criteria for the diagnosis of infective endocarditis?
  29. familial meditteranian fever
  30. Pseudoaneuryms
  31. Steroids at Night..??
  32. Can you list some causes of cavitary lung lesions?
  33. All viva on pulse
  34. Watson's water hammer pulse
  35. Mechanism of dry cough in pleural effusion
  36. Is this factitious pt being managed appropriately?
  37. Patient with CAD, hypertension, but normal angiography
  38. Brain Injuries and Mass Casualty Events:Information for Clinicians
  39. What advice would you give to a 4th year medical student who wants to do EM?- Ask the Expert
  40. changes of results of thyroid function test, after antithyroid drugs in thyrotoxicosis
  41. capillary leak syndrome