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  1. thyroid and pregnancy ??
  2. Obs & Gynae VIVA PIH
  3. Clinical obstetrics viva
  4. Clinical obstetrics viva
  5. Contraindications for PV examination
  6. Iud
  7. What is Million Dollar Stitch..??
  8. Number of Fetuses in Pregnancy...
  9. B-lynch Brace Suture
  10. Confusing Questions
  11. Why Complete Vesicular mole cannot be 46YY..??
  12. Which are the conditions that the Head is delivered in FLEXION??
  13. D/D of +ve Pregnancy test?
  14. Causes of soft uterus?
  15. Why Tubal Ligation is done more commonly at Isthmic Part of the Fallopian Tube.?
  16. Difference between ovariotomy and ovariectomy.?
  17. Why Anovulatory Cycles are Painless..??
  18. Diabetes and UTI in Pregnancy. Which symtom is most specific?
  19. Macafes Regime
  20. uses of copper T
  21. Physiological edema Vs pathological edema
  22. Vesicular Mole
  23. placenta previa
  24. ectopic pregnancy