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  1. For which alphabet we need to use tounge? :D
  2. Which characters to test what?
  3. E.N.T Viva
  5. Asom
  6. What Is MOURE'S Sign..??
  7. pandas
  8. Dysphagia Lusoria
  9. congenital tonsillitis ?
  10. my ent viva?
  11. Dix Hallpike test
  12. Otolaryngologic Manifestations of HIV
  13. Causes of conductive deafness while eardrum is intact
  14. TFT in ENT
  15. D/D of membrane over tonsil
  16. Temporary and permanent indications of tracheostomy
  17. Causes of stridor in new born
  18. Signs of thyrotoxicosis
  19. Complications of total thyroidectomy
  20. Why Chest X ray is Mandatory in Left Recurrent Nerve Paralysis..?
  21. Why High Tracheostomy is done in Carcinoma Larynx..?
  22. Why Tracheal Stenosis is more common in First Tracheal Ring..?
  23. What is the diagnostic significance of the otologic "light reflex"?
  24. How to differentiate between Meniere's Disease and Acoustic Neuroma..??
  25. Difference between Meniere's Disease and Meniere's Syndrome..?
  26. my viva in university practical exam
  27. short note topics in ent for final revision
  28. nice questions