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  28. example: what is missing in FA CK (case 1 and2)
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  39. The Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test: Questions and Answers
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  44. NON-CONTACT TONOMETRY - Cornea Testing Procedure
  45. Examination of the Head and Neck
  46. What is your preferred method of urine collection in pediatric patients?
  47. What is the cause of the "sweet smell" of the urine sample?
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  49. How Can I Increase My Confidence in Doing Physical Exams?
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  52. advanced physical diagnosis techniques and their application
  53. Estimate of 10-Year Risk for Coronary Heart Disease for Men & Women (Framingham Point Scores)
  54. CDC Diagnostic Criteria for the Diagnosis of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
  55. Special Considerations in Interpreting Liver Function Tests
  56. Approach to the Patient with Liver Disease
  57. Is angiography dangerous?
  58. Heart attack - emergency first aid
  59. Oesophageal Manometry - a diagnostic test
  60. Definition and Causes of Apparent Life-Threatening Events (ALTE)
  61. Fullerton Advanced Balance (FAB) Scale
  62. When Is Venous Blood Gas Analysis Enough?
  63. Fecal Blood Tests Effective at Spotting Colon Cancer
  64. Pregnancy and Amniocentesis
  65. What Is The Differential Diagnosis of Hepatomegaly?
  66. The multiple marker screening test
  67. Troponins: Superior Sensitivity And Specificity
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  69. Low cost TB screening system
  70. When should prostate-specific antigen testing be stopped?
  71. Prostate specific antigen testing may be unnecessary for some older men
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  74. How well can you interpret acid-base disturbances?
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  81. anybody ever work with clinical trial support services?
  82. Algorithmic diagnosis of symptoms and signs: a cost-effective approach
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