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  1. History of otolaryngology as a specialty
  2. Online text book of otolaryngology
  3. E book titled Role of X-rays in otolaryngology
  4. Ebook titled Approach to a patient with conductive deafness
  5. Ebook titled Integrated surgical approach to frontal sinus
  6. Flash presentation titled "Tracheostomy" It includes a video of the surgical procedure
  7. Ebook titled "Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy"
  8. Ebook titled "Important topics in Otolaryngology"
  9. Ebook titled "Anatomy ot temporal bone a surgeon's perspective" has been uploaded
  10. Ebook titled "Cholesteatoma" has been upped.
  11. E book titled Congenital malformations of temporal bone and its management upped
  12. E book titled "Epistaxis" has been upped
  13. Malignant tumors of paranasal sinuses and its management E book
  14. E book titled "Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma an overview"
  15. Short notes topics in ent-nose and paranasal sinuses
  16. Short notes topics in ent- oral cavity,pharynx,larynx , oesophagus
  17. concern about more antibiotics for sinus infection
  18. What's wrong with this throat?