1.patient remembers the events occurring during operation this can be prevented by

bisspectral index

2. Which inhalation anaesthetic causes seizure


3. while performing laser surgery for larynx it catches fire, all should be done except

a.100%oxygen after discontinuing the anesthesia
b.flushing with sterile water
c.remove tube
d.steroids and antibiotics

4. While giving epidural anesthesia a person suddenly develops aphonia and collapses possible cause

a.total spinal block
c.vasovagal syncope
d.intraarterial injection

5. Rise in end tidal CO2 during thyroid surgery can be due to all except:

A. Anaphylaxis
B. Malignant hyperthermia
C. Thyroid storm
D. Neuroleptic malignant syndrome

i think in question, also hyperreflexia,hyperpyrexia was there.

6. True about epidural opioids are all except?

A. Acts on dorsal horn cell
B. Itching

C. decrease gastric secretion
D. high dose-Respiratory depression

some said C option was nausea & vomiting.

7. LA + vasoconstrictive drug is not given in
digital anesthesia

8.sickle cell anemia not given is
iv regional block

9.not a definite airway is laryngial mask airway

10. anesthetic not given in hypertensive patient