arches Of Foot

1.longitudinal-medial And Lateral
2.transverse-anterior And Posterior

1.medial Longitudinal Arch
extends From Heads Of First, Second And Third Metatarsals To The Medial Tubercle Of Calcaneum And Is Formed By Talus,navicular ,3 Cunieform Bones And First 3 Metatarsal Bones.
  • Main Joint Of Mla Is The Talocalcaneonavicular Joint
  • Critical Ligament For Maintaining Mla Is Spring Ligament
2.lateral Longitudial Arch

Extend From Heads Of Fourth And Fifth Metatarsals To Lateral Tubercle Of Calcaneum And Is Formed By Lateral Half Of Calcaneum,cuboid And Fourth-fifth Metatarsals
  • Main Joint Of Lla Is Calcaneocuboid Joint
3.anterior Transverse Arch

Its A Complete Arch And Is Formed By Heads Of Five Metatarsal Bones

4.posterior Transverse Arch
Its An Incomplete Arch And Is Formed By Greater Parts Of Tarsus And Metatarsus