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Thread: How To Prepare For Amc Mcq Exam

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    Default How To Prepare For Amc Mcq Exam


    There are lots of ways to prepare for AMC, different people prefer different books and materials, so at the end it all depends upon you, how you want to do it. I like to turn all the stones to see what lies beneath, so my approach towards the AMC MCQ is bit extensive and time consuming.

    The first thing one should do is to go through the AMC Annotated Multiple Choice Questions. the first hand knowledge about the pattern of question they ask in the exam. The new edition is available on the AMC website.

    Next thing is to understand the practice pattern and Australian variation of medicine and medical conditions, and for that General Practice, 4th edition by John Murtagh is the best. I would say this is a must. You can make this book a basis for AMC preparation with other reference books.

    Now after understanding the Australian perspective of medicine, one has to decide what other books he is going to follow. There are two basic approaches, few people like Oxford hand books and and rest Kaplan for USMLE. I prefer Kaplan, because they are concise, up to date and written in scientific manner (Read the Initial Preface and About the book in the beginning of each book).

    When you are going through all these books, try to do some Recalls as well. They are not exact recollection of the questions asked in AMC, but still they will help you to keep you in the track. To have more standard MCQs you can do Pretest Series for USMLE as well. They are standard questions with very good explanation, but also keep in mind that AMC MCQs are far more difficult than these.

    Now, if someone want to read some comprehensive notes on clinical subjects, Deja Reviews, are very helpful. Very few people know about this book. These are supplementary books for Kaplan, well written, to the point and in a question and answer manner. I personally recommend read Deja Surgery and Deja Obs and Gynaec.

    Along with them I always looked my very best MBBS books, Harrison (Medicine), Bailey & Love (Surgery), Dutta (Obs & Gynec) and Maheshwari (Orthopedics).

    Now there are some other books which i referred time and again, they are: (Ordered according to importance)

    Surgery: Tjendra
    Pediatrics: Royal Handbook of Pediatrics
    Obs and Gynaec: LLewelyne Jones

    Along with all these books don't forget to look upon these websites mentioned below:

    eMedicine - Medical Reference
    Untitled Document

    They help immensely to solve the recalls and prove fast access to any topic any where.

    If are interested in real time discussion there are online discussion forums on skype. Contact me to know how to get in to the skype discussion forum.
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    Hello purnasankar! Thank you very much for your contribution in here....I'd like to know more about MCQ preparation. Do I need Qbook and U world MCQs, NBME for this test, along with Kaplan step2 books.
    And I want to know about the skype discussion forum. Could you pls tell me ?
    Thank you!

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    Hi Ryansoe,

    You can try amcquestionbank. This new site has most up to date professionally written MCQs for exam preparation.
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